7 Issues in Xioami Poco F1 and Their Probable Fixes

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phere is possibly no smartphone in the market without any issues, but you may have observed that the phone that is in most demand, gets the most attention and people seem to find more issues in it.

And it is the case with Poco F1 which was recently launched at a killer price of Rs 21000. Why killer price? Because of it of Snapdragon 845 chipset probably the cheapest smartphone that offers it.

Getting a Snapdragon 845 powered smartphone at Rs 21000 is itself a killer deal, but you should be aware of some issues you might have to deal with.

1. No HD streaming on Netflix and other streaming services

It has come to the attention of many Poco F1 uses that they are not able to play videos on Netflix in high definition.

Surprisingly this only happens in Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Hulu, Google Play movies and all other paid streaming services.

This isn’t purely a deal breaker because a) not everyone uses these services since they are paid. b) the 540p quality which xiaomi Poco F1 is able to stream isn’t bad for a smartphone, if you are purely viewing content on your mobile phone you won’t be able to differentiate much.

Plus if you have a mobile data, it will be difficult for anyone to stream HD content requires a high-speed internet connection.

Unoptimized Notch

Even though is your ming has implemented the Notch because of the infrared sensors, the front camera and the earpiece but it is not well implemented on the software part, cuts out several things that you might find useful.

Such as you won’t be able to get to know about your data speed if you have enabled them from the settings because there is no space for it.

Also, there is little room for showing notification icon and you will have to swipe down to the notification panel to see your notifications.

It is not much of a bummer considering you are getting such an amazing smartphone for such a low price.

‘Ok Google’ Not working

If you love Google assistant like everyone else, you are going to have a problem with the Poco F1 because it is currently not able to support the hotword ‘Ok Google’ to Trigger the Google assistant.

It isn’t a big deal is there because this can itself be solved via an update.

The edges are not symmetrical

Some cool S1 ownership found poor symmetry between the left and right edges on the screen when the phone is in landscape mode.

This is quite a minute thing which is only noticeable to only a few people blessed August with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)

There may be many other small problems with the Poco F1 but any of it does not make the smartphone a poor choice.

Most of the things mentioned above can be fixed with a software as it happened with the real me 1, which also had several issues which were addressed in future updates.

In fact, the Poco F1 has already got an update since it started selling, and maybe by the time you are reading it half of the things have already been addressed.

So, if you have already bought it, congratulations, you have got yourself The Killer deal.

And if you are looking for buying the Poco F1 check out reasons why you should buy the smartphones and the reasons why you should not buy the smartphone.

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