Xiaomi Launches an Affordable $90 Smartphone Gimbal

Are Gimbals Really Required?

Xiaomi’s sub-brand, the Mijia, which has created cool products like Action Camera as well as Gimbal for them, has now launched a Smartphone Gimbal that is probably the most affordable 3-axis gimbal right now.

If you are into mobile filmmaking here is a good news, in the smartphone gas that can help you make professional quality videos are getting affordable with time.

Smartphone gimbals are one of the accessories that can help you get smoother videos, free of any type of shakiness.

The 3-axis gimbal, that came into popularity around a year or two ago, used to cost hundreds of dollars.

The DJI OSMO Mobile, smartphone gimbal from the Drone company DJI, used cost as much as $300.

Last year, we have seen a lot of other smartphone gimbals coming out of China, usually keeping the cost around half the price of the DJI OSMO Mobile.

Xiaomi Mijia has now launched a smartphone gimbal that costs just under $100 making it the most affordable 3-Axis smartphone gimbal.

We had posted about the Zhiyun Smooth Smartphone Gimbal which has recently launched it’s version 4, that is priced at $150.

There are actually quite a lot of smartphone gimbals that are in a Similar price range.

With Xiaomi’s 3-axis smartphone gimbal available at just $90, users Who own mid-range or Budget smartphones, where the optical image stabilization is often not available, will also be able to short smooth footage from their smartphones.

What is the difference between 2axis and 3-axis gimbal

These smartphones gimbals have got inbuilt Motors that help in stabilization the smartphone attached to it.

The 2-axis gimbals have got two Motors to keep the movements smooth in two directions, and the 3-xis gimbal which has three Motors keeps the movements smooth in three directions.

So the 3-axis gimbal helps you get smooth video footage in comparison to the 2-axis gimbal.

Specifications of the Xioami Smartphone Gimbal

Since the motor requires power to run, these smartphone gimbals have got an inbuilt battery. Xiaomi is 3 Axis smartphone gimbal as 5000mAh of the battery which can last up to 16 hours on a single charge.

It can fit handsets up to 86 mm wide and 200 g in weight and can supply up to 5V/1.5A power to them from its 5,000 mAh battery.

There is also an app complimenting the gadget, that will give manual controls to shoot videos. The app can be installed from the Play Store or App Store for Android or iPhone respectively.

Smartphone gimbal will be available in China initially but there is no news of this gadget to be launched anywhere else.

But you can import it using websites like Gearbest or Aliexpress whenever they are listed on them.

Even though there would be some Custom charges, it will still be cheaper than all the other smartphone Gimbals available.

Look for it on Gearbest