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How is life changed after Jio launch in India

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Reliance Jio introduced their service in India in the last quarter of 2016, they were earlier running some test and the services were invitation based six months prior to that.

But it was officially made available to everyone starting from 1st to December 2016.

And a lot has changed after Jio launched in India. I was going through some answers on Quora, and it is amazing to see how the life of people has changed just by high-speed internet becoming affordable and available to everyone.

A link to the Quora thread at the end of this article in case you want to read that as well.

Mobile Bills are slashed drastically.

Everyone remembers we used to pay Rs 250 to Rs 400 for 1Gb of 3G or 4G data for 30 days. We used to manage it for the entire month.

These days, with Jio, plans to offer 1GB/Day for 28 Days at just Rs 149, it seems impossible to be able to live with just 1Gb for the entire month.

Since I used to travel, I used Reliance Wi-Pod and recharged it with Rs 999 for 10GB. So the total bill for Calls and Internet used to be between Rs 1250 to Rs 1400.

I had mentioned on the blog itself how happy I was with Wi-Pod before I started using Jio.

YouTube and Other Online Streaming Services have exploded.

It was only after Jio that we saw a huge growth and emergence of Indian YouTubers.

Since Jio brought so many people online, everyone had 1Gb per day to spend, YouTube is free and fastest way to spend the mobile data, gave new audience to the YouTubers.

Apart from YouTube, we have seen other Online Streaming services emerging in India.

It is now so much easier to watch movies or listen to music legally with the services available.

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Digital Payments Started Getting Accepted.

India is going to the transformation phase, from Cash to Digital transactions, and Jio has surely facilitated it by making it easy for merchants and consumers to use high-speed internet on their mobile and use Internet-related services.

PayTM particularly saw a huge growth after Jio launch and Govt of India’s decision of Demonetization.

How is life changed after Jio launched in India? Read on Quora


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