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9 Amazing Camera Features in the Google Pixel 3

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Asif Ahmed
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Google has just unveiled the next generation of their flagship smartphone in the Google Pixel series.

After so many rumours and leaks we finally now have the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in front of the world to see.

While we are yet to get our hands on it, like the rest of the world, there are a few lucky people who got their hands on this amazing smartphone from Google.

Google Pixel smartphone has always been about the cameras and how awesome they are.

The awesomeness of the Google Pixel smartphone cameras have reached another level with so many interesting features being incorporated in the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL.

So in this article, we are going to talk about just that.

Improved portrait mode

Despite having just a single camera, Google has mastered the art of creating portrait shots by blurring the background.

Now in the Google Pixel 3, users get a control over the intensity of the blur, and now you can even blur the subject and keep the background in focus, or do a Colour Pop effect to turn the background into monochrome.

Apart from that, the HD+ mode has also been improved on the Google Pixel 3 cameras. The camera will take multiple frames and will merge them together to create a high-quality photo.

Users will be able to see great looking photos even in low light conditions.

Night sight

Like we talked about the improved HDR on the Google Pixel cameras, the Night Sight mode takes it to a completely different level on the Pixel 3 smartphones.

The feature allows users to take photos in low light conditions without even using a flash.

Google makes the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to choose the right colours and exposure levels based on the content of the image and brings out the best images in low light conditions.

Here is what Google showed in their product demonstration

Top Shot

The Top Shot is a lifesaver for a lot of people, it is pretty much like the ‘Live Photos’ the feature of the iPhone, which captures multiple shots before and after you press the shutter.

And after that Google takes the help of object recognition and machine learning to pick out the best shot and suggest you. Or you can choose a perfect frame on your own.

This would be helpful in conditions where someone in the group has accidentally closed their eyes or perhaps you have missed a perfect moment just for a fraction of seconds.

The top shot feature will allow you to choose the frame a few seconds before you pressed the shutter button giving you exactly what you wanted.

Photobooth mode

The photobooth mode will allow users to snap a photo with just a smile or doing any kind of gestures.

As the name suggests, it is a fun feature to play alone or with friends.

Once you are inside the Photobooth mode, in the camera, all you have to do is smile in front of the camera or make funny faces, the camera will automatically capture the photos.

Group selfie

If you have a rather large group of people to take a selfie with, you can now switch to the second camera (yes there are two cameras on the front) which is a wide lens and will allow you to capture more area.

So you won’t have to use selfie stick or grow large hands to take a group selfie.

The group selfie feature utilizes the wide-angle camera to fit a larger area and more people into the photo frame.

Fused video stabilization

This feature allows users to shoot better videos. And this is how Google explains words used video stabilization is

“It’s possible to have stabilization in resolutions up to 4K, but shooting in 1080p will yield the best stabilization results”, says the company. “Now your videos will look silky smooth whether you’re walking, jogging, or otherwise moving around”.

Motion autofocus

This is quite helpful in shooting subjects who constantly move in the frame, such as a sports event, an animal or maybe a kid who keeps on jumping, which makes it difficult to take a clear photo.

You simply have to tap the subject and the camera will try to keep it focused throughout the time.

The feature is available in both front and back cameras and works in both still and video modes.

Super Res Zoom

We all know how does a digital zoom can be, while it does allow us to zoom into a photo but the photo tends to become quite grainy after zooming into it.

What the super-resolution zoom feature in Google Pixel camera does is, it takes multiple photos of the subjects by taking advantage of your moving hands and then stitches them together to create a high-resolution photo so that you can zoom into it without losing quality.

It might not be as good as a photo using an optical zoom, but it is still better than digital zoom.

Google lens

Google lens, which is a separate app by Google Incorporated into different apps such as Google photos, is now built directly into the cameras of the Pixel 3.

And with the Google lens in Pixel 3, the users can now scan business cards for contact info, URLs, QR codes etc.

All you have to do is just point the camera on a business card and it will pick up the phone number or the URL.

You can. It to an object and it will try to match and find the online listing the particular product.

These were some of the best features that have been incorporated into the Google Pixel camera.

The Google Pixel 3 cameras might not be the best-looking smartphones on the when it comes to design but they are surely power-packed smartphones in the smartphone camera department.

I am definitely looking forward to getting one for myself. And when I do I will do a review of it for sure.


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