How to Take A Screenshot on Android Mobiles

It is an article you will know about how you can take screenshots on your Android mobile phone.

After ten years of the Android been in existence, Google search tells me that there are over 41000 people who search about how to take a screenshot on Android every single month and this is just for the US alone, the number gets even more prominent when we talk about worldwide.

In the initial years of Android, you have to install a third party app if you have to take a screenshot on your mobile, but since Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich update the feature has been built right into the OS.

How to take a screenshot on mostly all Android mobiles?

And for most of the manufacturers, it has remained the same to trigger to take the screenshot.

You have to press the volume down button along with the power button, which is pretty convenient to do considering most of the Android Mobile manufacturers keep their volume rocker buttons and the power button on the same side, and the power button is below the volume rocker.

Show the simple answer to the question about taking a screenshot on Android mobile is by using the physical volume down button with the power button.

But there are mobile phone manufacturers who have incorporated some other ways to take screenshots as well.

Take a Screenshot on a Samsung mobile?

Such as, if you’re looking to know about how to take a screenshot on Samsung mobile phones.

You also have the option to take screenshots by long pressing the power button on some Samsung mobiles where you get the Option to take a screenshot along with the Option to Restart, putting it on Aeroplane mode, or Power off your mobile phone.

You can also take a screenshot on Samsung mobile by swiping your palm over the screen if it’s a new phone. This can be enabled from the Settings area by going to the Advanced Features section.

How to take Screenshots using Gestures?

It’s 2019, and not just Samsung, the other smartphones have gotten smart navigation controls using the gestures. Mobile manufacturers are even getting rid of the navigation buttons to make the screen a bit taller.

The ability to take screenshots has also been assigned a gesture in most of the smartphones.

Such as in Xiaomi smartphones, you can enable three finger swipe, which takes the screenshot. This feature can be enabled from the settings area of Android.

Along with taking simple screenshots, mostly every Android smartphone has got this unique feature of taking the screenshot of the entire page buy scrolling automatically to capture it.

How to take the screenshots on Android mobile by shaking it

There are a handful of third-party apps available in the Play Store that will let you take a screenshot on your Android mobile just by shaking it, the feature using mobile phones is Gyroscope that triggers an action to take a screenshot.

It can come pretty handy in situations where you can’t use other methods to take a screenshot.

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