How to block ads in Android Smartphone

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
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Before we talk about how to block ads in Android, you must understand that ads are the reason it is possible for so many publishers to publish amazing content on the internet for you to read it for free

I am also a publisher and this blog relies on ads to pay the bills, but I still understand why you would want to block ads on your Android smartphone.

Perhaps you are talking about those annoying pop-up ads that you see on some of the websites when you try to download something.

Mostly these websites are pirates, which distribute copyrighted material which causes millions of dollars of loss to the original creators of the material.

And there is no easy way for them to make money by such practice, this is why they turned to services which let them put annoying pop-up ads and their websites.

I think it is not fair to all the Publishers, who would like to use respectable ads that do not do not annoy the readers.

Having said that, As you have landed here in search of your solution to block ads on Android smartphone I would like to point you to one of our articles where we have listed the best ad blockers for any type of web browser, whether for the desktop or for the Android smartphone, or for the iOS devices.

If you don’t want to read such a long article and want the solution right here, I would like to mention that you should install Google Chrome on your Android smartphone if you haven’t already, or simply update if you have not been using it as your default browser

Because the newer version has got Ad blocker built right into the browser which will block ads on all the websites that put annoying ads on their website.

You can follow this Google Chrome link that will take you to the Play Store where you can find if there is an update available, so that the Ad-blocker can be turned on for your Android smartphone

I hope you find this article you can read more articles on

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