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How to Build a Fleet Management App for Vehicle Tracking

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You may have a small company where you own or lease motor vehicles or other professional equipment. You dedicate all your efforts towards the success of the company but still, you find that you are faced with poor performance, driver turnover, and relatively low income.

While there are numerous reasons to which these challenges can be attributed, most of them can be handled with effective optimization of fleet management.

That is why you need fleet management applications that can allow you to automate your fleet operations, thus increasing your profits.

Fleet management optimization is important, and you can seek tracking services from professionals like Eyeride tracking to enhance your profitability.

Is it important to have a fleet tracking application? Can the app increase the profits of your business? What are the features you need to tackle your problems? We hope that you will obtain the answers in this article.

Below are some tips with which fleet management apps can improve your business.

1. Route optimization brings down operating costs

It is important to avoid situations in which your vehicle makes delivery and then comes back with an empty tank.

This means that your revenue will be affected, as expenses like the driver’s salary and fuel costs have to be incurred. Optimizing routes is important when it comes to cutting down on operational costs.

What to do

Try not to do long-distance, one-way, or multi-day trips, as they are not cost-effective, and thus you will end up losing money.

Think carefully about your routes, and combine orders to avoid scenarios of your vehicle coming back empty.

How to automate

Routing Optimizing routes will enhance your productivity while improving efficiency and at the same time bringing down fuel costs.

2. Elimination of overlaps through real-time dispatching

One of the crucial activities of transportation companies is doing dispatches. Usually, fleet managers are faced with the challenge of updating in real-time schedules, routes, vehicle location, and the status of the orders out for delivery.

It will be a daunting task to carry out all these things if you lack an effective system.

What to do

Automate both order management and schedules.

Install GPS trackers in all of your vehicles so that you are aware of the current location of the vehicle.

How to automate

Dispatch management – This will help you with the optimization of the scheduling and all the dispatch processes.

3. Fuel tracking to reduce costs

Statistics show that fuel accounts for up to 25% of the operational costs, and thus it is not something you can ignore.

Fleet managers usually are faced with the challenge where drivers deviate from the scheduled routes, mainly for personal reasons. This often leads to extra costs on fuel and unnecessary extra mileage.

It is important to install systems onboard that can automatically retrieve information on fuel consumption in order to avoid these cases.

What to do

Make sure that every vehicle is equipped with trackers that monitor fuel usage and mileage.

How to automate

Fuel management – This helps you with data collection in regards to fuel consumption.

Mileage tracking – This controls the odometer registration.

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