Can IGTV Even Compete with YouTube

Instagram has finally enabled the support for longer videos where users will be able to upload videos ranging from 15 seconds to 1 hour in length.

With this feature, there is a new section on the Instagram app (appearing on the top right) as well as a Standalone app for IGTV which is already available in the Play store and App store.

Many tech sites have been tagging it as a YouTube competitor, and some even claim it will kill YouTube in 2018.

Weill I think this is not going to happen anytime soon.

Perhaps the reason for this competition is because both the platforms have got over a billion monthly active users.

The IGTV is more of a Snapchat Competitor than YouTube. Snapchat has a similar feature to let it’s users put long-form videos, in Discovery section.

And are more similarities between IGTV and Snap’s Discovery than IGTV and YouTube.

The videos on IGTV are going to be in Vertical form, which is not the case with YouTube, though YouTube has also got the support for Vertical Videos.

The only reason to put vertical videos is that it comes as more immersive as we are used to holding our phone this way. I’ve browsed a few videos on IGTV and I feel they are more immersive in comparison to YouTube videos.

But for the last 10 years, we have been watching widescreen videos on youtube, they are 16:9 videos which is a standard, so all the movies and things related to moves can be easily uploaded to Youtube..

Making same quality of vertical videos are going to be tough for creators, as it has to be shot differently. and considering there is no option for monetisation as of now, creators would hardly spend time and creative juices for this new medium.

But we will still see a lot of new and creative videos soon, currently most of the videos I saw on IGTV are not actually meant to be vertical videos or shot for that purpose, maybe in future.

But it’s something no one nows, no one knows the future. The only way to find out weather it is going to be a YouTube competitor or not is by waiting for few months.

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