How To Design & Place Custom Vinyl Banners For Maximum Effect

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Creating an amazing custom vinyl banner is the first half of a successful outdoor marketing campaign.

The second half is, unsurprisingly, its proper placement. If you do a poor job regarding any of these two things, you’ll watch your whole campaign fail utterly.

When you invest your time, money, and effort into something, watching it fail is really difficult.

That’s why it is your responsibility to make sure that the campaign is a success and you can do that by taking care of the two simple things mentioned above.

A great design makes a huge difference and it’s best if you consult professionals to help you in this endeavor. No matter how creative you are, there are things that you can never know as well as the experts.

If you take a look at this, you’ll quickly realize why outdoor advertising should still be a huge part of your overall marketing strategy.

It’s not enough, though, to decide to do it. That decision is an important one, but if you don’t take into account the elements I have mentioned in the beginning of the article, you won’t have much success and, frankly, you’ll only be throwing your money down the drain.

I hope I have made it perfectly clear that the design and the proper placement are the keys to your banner campaign being successful.

Which Is More Important?

As a human being, you are probably wondering which one of these things is more important. This might be because you want to know which element requires more of your attention.

It also might be because we are all wired to compare things and attach value to those things according to their level of significance. You would think that two things cannot hold the same value of importance, but they definitely can.

Comparing these two factors is pointless and absurd. You need to pay attention to both of them if you want your campaign to be successful and effective.

Would the most beautifully created vinyl banner drive any customers to your company if it is placed in a dead alley no one ever sets foot in? Would a poorly designed, unattractive, and unnoticeable banner increase the number of your clients when placed in a high-traffic area?

The answer to both of these questions is a simple “no”. You need to combine these two elements perfectly together in order to get the maximum effect from your banners. You might already be aware of the fact that these promotional products are highly significant for your business.

Advertising is a complex phenomenon and you need to use every tool that you can in order to stand out from your competitors. Here are some tools you should think about using

Since you are already aware of all that, now it’s time to learn how to design and how to place your banners with the aim of getting the best out of them.

It takes some thinking and you’ll need to strain your brain a little bit, but it will eventually all be worth it. Let me teach you how to do this successfully, so you won’t have to worry about your outdoor advertising campaign is a waste of time.

How To Design The Perfect Banner?

When any design is in question, the space you have at your disposal is the crucial factor in determining which elements you are going to add and what would be too much.

You might think that “too much” is not a bad idea, but it definitely is when it comes to design. It’s better to use the “less is more” approach, but you still need to add the most important elements.

Adding your logo should be a no-brainer. The size of your banner will determine the size of the logo. As for its placement, most experts will advise you to keep it at the top of your custom vinyl banner.

You will see the logo in the bottom part as well, but the more common and the more effective practice seems to be putting this element at the very top.

When retractable banners are in question, you need to think about the whole design as a piece of paper and add the elements from top to bottom and left to right.

This will give the product a clean and simple look and people do appreciate simplicity. Remember to make good use of the space and add all the text you want without making the end product look overcrowded.

Colors and fonts are the next things to consider. I know you might like some of those fancy fonts you find online, but most of those will scream “unprofessionalism” and you don’t want your business or event to be associated with something unprofessional.

Keep the fonts simple and readable, but make the whole banner extraordinary by playing with colors. Colors should make the whole product stand out.

How To Place It?

Once you have gathered enough tips and thought of a couple of amazing ideas, it’s time to print your custom vinyl banner. Or, is it? Do you know where you will place it? Is it really smart to choose the size and everything without knowing where the final product will go? You need to think about the spot before printing the product.

The most logical thing to do is place the banner in a crowded place, isn’t it? Well, that’s a yes and a no. Schools are crowded, but you wouldn’t advertise your whiskey there, for example.

Does this tell you anything at all? Are you getting an idea about what it is that you need to consider when choosing the spot? You’ll find a few hints in this useful article.

The single most important thing you need to consider is your target audience. Sure, go ahead and place some banners at intersections, shopping malls, and similar, but make sure to also choose places that are often visited by your target audience.

This requires some market research to be done which means you’ll need more time, but it will all be worth it in the end.

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