How to download videos from YouTube in mobile

With YouTube already the number one website for watching videos online,  I am not surprised why you want to download videos from YouTube on your mobile phone.

You may have a favorite video on youtube that you watch more than once,  so there is no point in wasting your mobile data for streaming the same video.

This is why YouTube has got a feature that lets you download the videos and keep them offline so that you can view them even without internet connection.

It is quite useful for people who have got Limited mobile data.

How to download videos on YouTube in your mobile phone.

You need to have the YouTube app installed on your phone, Open the YouTube app and play the video you want to download.  You will find the option to download just below the video.

When you tap on the download button, you will be given the option as to what size and quality of the video you want to download.

Note: Keep one thing in mind that,  the video will not be available if you clear the cache of YouTube, Or if you are using any Cache Clearing App that automatically clears the cache of installed apps.

There will be few videos where the download feature will not work because the uploader might have decided not to offer downloads of their content. 

Well, you can still Download the videos from services like,  etc (there are plenty of them).

Disclaimer: It is against the terms and condition of YouTube to download YouTube videos and distribute them on other platforms.

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