How to Enable / Disable Google Chrome’s New Password Manager & Autofill

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Asif Ahmed
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The Google Chrome browser recently got a huge upgrade with the rollout of Chrome 69 version.

Apart from the much-needed design upgrades, the new version has introduced some interesting features in the password manager.

What is new in the Google Chrome

Improved Password Manager

The new password manager gets the same material design with noticeable changes in the Omnibox and Google has to eat a lot of stuff in the Google Chrome for all the platforms including Android and iOS.

It now gives a few suggestions for the passwords whenever you are trying to choose a new password on your existing account or trying to create a new account on a new service.

And since the password is automatically remembered by the Google password manager you don’t have to do anything at your end.

Also, it is not mandatory for you to use the suggested password, you can use your own if you want to.

However, it is recommended that you use this suggested password which is a random string of alphanumeric characters which is more secure than maybe your pet name or your.

Improved Autofill

Google has put some effort into its autofill feature in the Google Chrome browser which can be seen in the newer version.

Google Chrome will auto fill in passwords, addresses, credit card details with much more accuracy and responsiveness.

If however, you do not want to use the Autofill and password manager in Google Chrome, you can disable it.

Simply go to the settings of your Google Chrome browser. Turning it off is pretty by similar on both PC hand mobile.

For PC, click on the Profile icon, then Passwords, then Toggle Offer to save passwords off.

For Android, tap on SettingsPasswordToggle Save Passwords off.

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