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How to Enable Split Screen on Redmi 6A, 6, 6 Pro and other Gesture Based Xioami Smartphones

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Mostly all the smartphones from Xiaomi now support the script split screen feature. It is pretty easy activated and we have already written by guide about enabling it on xiaomi smartphones on MIUI 9.

But recently, Xiaomi introduced gesture support in their MIUI 9.6 which will be available more broadly in MIUI 10.

The gestures allow you to use more screen real estate by turning off the on-screen navigation buttons.

But, turn off navigation button with a shortcut for enabling split screen will not work on the new all smartphones such as Redmi 6, Redmi 6A, or Redmi 6 Pro, and other Gesture based smartphones from Xiaomi.

So here is how to activate split screen in XIoami Redmi 6, 6A, 6 Pro

If you are using full-screen navigation and have turned on gestures, you can enter the Multitasking area / recent apps area by swiping up and holding your thumb on the screen and then leaving it.

Once you have entered the Multitasking area, you will be able to see the ‘Split Screen’ option on the top left-hand side.

Tap on the ‘Split-Screen’ option and then drag one of the apps from the Multitasking area on the top.

This will make space for another app to be opened in the lower part of your smartphone screen.

You can choose another App* from the Multitasking area or the app drawer.

*Few apps, like Instagram, do not support split screen.

When there are two apps opened on the screen at once, you can tap and drag the middle divider to resize the windows of the apps.

Double tapping on it will change the position of the apps.

If you want to go back in one of the apps, tap on it to highlight and then swipe from right to go back, or swiping from the bottom will take you to the Home screen from where you can select another app to open in that area.

This video might give you an idea of how it works

Split screen is really helpful in many situations, such as watching a video on YouTube or a TV series on Amazon Prime or checking out Facebook Newsfeed etc.

It is also one of the workarounds to play Songs YouTube videos while doing other things on your phone on the other half.

The use cases can be many, it literally allows you to use your smartphone as a PC.


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