How to Enable the Tab Preview Feature in Google Chrome Browser

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If you are a Windows user and use the Microsoft Edge browser, you must be enjoying the tab preview features but right into it.

The tab preview feature is quite useful for viewing the inside content without opening the tab, by simply hovering over.

Sadly the Microsoft Edge browser is not the browser of my choice, the default browser on all machines is Google Chrome. It would really be useful if Google Chrome provided the tab review feature in its Browser.

You Can Enable Tab Preview in Google Chrome

Seems like we can enable the tab preview feature in Google Chrome since it is one of many experimental features that is buried deep under the settings of the browser. It can only be enabled by going to the configuration page of Google Chrome.

In this article, we will learn how you can enable the tab preview feature in Google Chrome and boost Your productivity.

How to enable tab preview feature in Google Chrome

If we have Google Chrome opened in your computer simply open a new tab and then type this.


and press Enter.

This command will open all the features in Google Chrome, some are enabled, some are disabled, you will have to search for the specific feature and enable it.

You can either find the feature by scrolling through all the features listed there, or you can use the search button on the top to find it.

Type ‘Hover’ in it.

At the moment it will show 2 results, as shown in the image below, enable it by clicking on the power button on the right-hand side.

Once you have enabled it you need to you close the Google Chrome browser for the changes to take effect. When you launch Google Chrome again, you will be able to see e the tab previews in action.

Since the tab over cards is an experimental feature and it is too early for it, it only shows the title of the tab, which might not be that useful to a lot of people.

But it can still be useful in scenarios where you have a lot of tabs open, and you are not able to to make out the title of the page, hovering over to the specific tab will give you the full headline of the page making it easy for you to you know what that tab is about.

Once you know, you can do more things with the tab, such as use the great suspender Chrome extension to suspend the tab, so that it does not take resources of your computer.

You can always go back to the Chrome tab to start working on it again.

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