Facebook now lets you track your time spent on Facebook

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The social media addiction is defined as an excessive use of Social Media apps like Facebook Twitter etc.

And there are a lot of surveys that support there are people who spend too much time on social media.

While it is a widely known notion that the more people will spend time on Facebook, the more beneficial Facebook will be as a company, but, it is wrong.

Since there is no value that is added by the user to the Social Media Platform after a certain period of time.

And Facebook knows this that this social media addiction can be against their growth and this is why they are trying to address it by introducing a feature, that will allow users to track their activity and see how much time they are spending on Facebook.

Users will get the ability to predefine the time limit and they will receive alerts when they cross the specific amount of time making them in check with the amount of time they’re spending on Facebook.

Facebook is not the first company to bring this kind of feature as Google has already brought a similar kind of feature with their latest Android OS, the Android Pie 9.0, it’s called Digital Wellbeing, which allows users to track time of their activities on their smartphone.

As per Facebook it will now be possible for the users to check the amount of time they spend in a week on Facebook mobile app.

The data can be found in your time on the Facebook section of the App’s menu under Settings & Privacy.

You can access this feature by launching the Android or the iOS app by tapping on the hamburger icon on the top right corner and then scroll to the Settings and privacy section and tap on ‘Your time on Facebook’.

In addition to tracking the time, you can also set a reminder to alert you whenever you cross daily limit that you specify.

For example, if you want to spend no more than 10 minutes every day on Facebook and notification will send you an alert each time you exceed this daily limit, keeping you in check and preventing you from falling to the social media addiction.

Similar kind of feature can also be seen on YouTube as well.

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