I was talking to a friend the other day over Skype, she was using it on her Laptop and I was using it on my Phone. Don’t get me wrong, we just friends :-)

She was seeing me moving around my house while talking to her, she asked me how cool it is to be able to use Skype on Mobile. I said yes, you too can use it.

To which she said, “I do not have wifi access in my phone”. She didn’t know the password of her Wi-Fi, the same Wi-Fi to which she was connected from her Laptop.

“You can get the password of your Wi-Fi from your Laptop itself”. She jumped in excitement when she heard me telling this to her.

And this is what I told her.

Finding the Wifi Password on Windows Computer 

Click on the Wi-Fi Icon in the notification area in the bottom right, click on the option that says something like Open Network and Sharing Center or View Connections.


Then a Window will open that will show you the network your Computer is connected to. You can then click on the Connections (as shown in the screenshot below).


This will open another Window like the one below, which will be your Wi-Fi status. Where you can click on the Wireless Properties.


The Wireless Properties will be shown to you in another Window.


You can check the box that says Show characters and the asterisks (*) will turn into the password of the Wi-Fi which can be used in any of your posts.

Finding the Wifi Password on Mac Computer

I wish finding the password of connected Wi-Fi network on a Mac Computer was as easy as it is on a Windows PC, but it’s not, there is a bit of tricky part which we will address below.

You have to open the Keychain Access to get the password of the Wi-Fi you are connected to. To do that, you need to go to Utilities from Applications in the Finder, then click on Keychain Access (shown in the screenshot below).


When the Keychain Access is open, you can click on Kind to get all the entries of saved password on the top. You can use the Search box to find your Wi-Fi network name among the entries. One you get that, right click and then click on ‘Get Info’.


At this point of time, your Mac computer will ask for your Computer Username and Password.

And then you will be shown another Window, and the next step is very similar to that of Windows.


Just check the ‘Show password’ and you get the password for your Wi-Fi network.

I hope this helps, and if fear forgetting your Wi-Fi password again and you do not want to go through all this again, simply open Google Keep and paste your password in a note. Google Keep is a pretty neat app that opens both on PC and your Smartphone.

Check out more Awesome Stuff Google Keep can do 


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