Fingerprint Sensor Missing in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, 4 and Xiaomi Phones

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
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Over the last few days, I have been facing a unique problem on my Xiaomi Redmi 4 smartphone that I bought a few months ago.

It’s a decent smartphone with 5 inches of screen, good battery, and fairly good performance.

But one day I just woke up to find that the phone isn’t taking my Fingerprint to unlock the device. After manually entering the password, when I go to the Settings section of the phone, the option to add fingerprint is no more.

I’ve written this post in the hope that it might help someone facing the similar issue.

I am listing out the possible actions you should take since the problem could be because of change in the setting, a bug in the OS or it could also be some issue with the connection on the inside of the phone.

Step 1: Reboot Your Smartphone

This is probably the number one thing you should do before anything else, Rebooting solves 90% of the issues people come across. Whether it’s Wi-Fi not working, touch not working, internet not working. Anything. A reboot would fix this.

Whether it’s Wi-Fi not working, touch not working, internet not working. Anything. A reboot would fix this.

Step 2: Fast Reboot Your Phone

There are high chances you might have already tried rebooting the device before coming to this post. If it is the case, try Fast Rebooting.

To fast reboot, you need to

  • Turn your smartphone off,
  • Press the Power button along with the Volume Down Button until the Xiaomi Robot icon appears on the phone,
  • Keep the buttons pressed for a few more seconds until the phone turns off again.

The phone will start rebooting after the leave the Power and Volume Down buttons,
This is going to take a while so be patient.

Note: Fast Reboot will not wipe your data.

Step 3: Factory Reset Your Smartphone

This should be the third step if the Hard Reboot doesn’t fix the issue. It would undo any changes that might have happened which is causing the Fingerprint option to be missing.

So, these were the three things, that I did but they did not fix my problem, so what fixed it? Well, read the next step.

Step 4: Fix the Fingerprint sensor connection (Hardware Issue)

Even though I’ve been using a pretty rugged protective cover for the Redmi 4 because we have two little devils in the house.

As much as it keeps the phone from getting damaged, there is no way to stop the phone from falling.

The phone has fallen on the floor several times, and sometimes it has been pretty harsh. When the above methods didn’t work in fixing the issue, I was certain it’s a Hardware issue and something has happened on the inside of the phone.

So, I took it to the local mobile repair and got it fixed. Didn’t bother going to the customer care because I’ve heard all the stories that they submit the phone, then God knows what could happen to your phone.

I think it’s better to get it fixed from your local mobile store who will charge somewhere around Rs 200- Rs 400 to fix it ( you can bargain it though).

If can also fix it yourself if you are confident enough to open and then close the phone without damaging any other thing inside, I would recommend going to the local mobile repair shop since you know what’s wrong with your phone. Get it fixed in front of you, it would hardly take a few minutes.

Hope you like this post and it has helped you in solving the issue. Do let us know what caused & fixed the issue to make it a useful forum to other people as well.

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