Five Steps to Building a Mailing List with the Help of Social Media

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There is no specific explanatory range for explaining the measures of email marketing. It offers an opportunity for maintaining the engagement of your brand with customers. You can eventually take complete advantage of the specific tools that can help you if you lag in terms of subscribers. 

Building an email list should not be limited to just sign-up forms or the prompts over the website, but social media is a great platform to seek subscribers.

As per the statistics are concerned, the opt-in rates for newsletters are low amongst the website visitors. Therefore, it is time you should try something different to strengthen your email marketing approach. 

This informative post gives you enlightenment upon the 5 crucial steps that will help you build a proper mailing list out of social media. It is a new trend and is helping companies reach out to a larger targeted audience. 

Step 1: Promote Additional Email Content over Social Media Handles

The followers over your social media handles are interested in your page only because they appreciate the contents you post or share over it. Therefore, they might be taking an interest in exploring ways with which they can learn more from that particular content! Hence, this is a simple tip for social media email marketing to boost the email sign-ups with every post you share. 

Add the CTAs to each of the posts, which will lead to email list sign-up. If you need ideas on which tool can help you achieve it, you can find information about such a service that can make your choice easier. Your CTAs should call the readers or followers that there is more to learn about this concept or topic, which is possible only if they join your subscriber’s list. 

None of these posts will be paid, as it will all be organic over your page. If the people are interested in your content, they will eventually get encouraged to click through the sign-up form without any second thought or a targeted ad. 

Okay Step 2: Make use of Targeted Ads over Facebook

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms, which is a useful marketing strategy for allowing you to target the specific user types with the ads. You know your customers and their location, interests and age range. So, it is better to run the targeted Facebook ads with the CTA as an email list sign-up form.

This is a paid move, but the money spent on the marketing measures will eventually give you a higher return on investment. More subscribers are equivalent to a large list of potential leads! You have the chance to convert a lot of sales with it when you carry out your email marketing measures with a reputed tool or service provider. 

Mailchimp is one of the most powerful email marketing platforms, which has impactful features to make each of your emails stand out amongst your competitors.  

Step 3: Host your Twitter Chats

Tweets and tweeting for your brand products and services is not a hard-hitting approach for generating leads. So, it is not the right approach within this social media platform for businesses to grow. But, you can go with Twitter Chats, as they can make a difference for your brand with a better subscriber list.

Twitter chats have the design implementation to bring all like-minded people together to ask questions about specific topics. For instance, a Twitter chat can be started upon how one can use specific software. Some potential customers might join the chat and give their opinions to support their answers. 

If you are hosting a Twitter chat, you will be starting a conversation that will build social clout. Apart from that, you will interact with several new Twitter users. Hence, this can help you get an interesting group of leads for your email subscriber’s list. First, you need to take part in some Twitter chats to know how it works. It will surely help you develop the fundamentals!

When you have the fundamental knowledge of how it would help you out, you can start hosting your own! When you get the email leads over Twitter, it will eventually come down to offering additional value to the brand in terms of a better customer base and higher sales. 

Step 4: Host Live Event on Social Media Platforms

The live streaming features are now embedded in all social media platforms. Therefore, it is better to advertise your new product or service feature to the followers through a live event. If you have the budget and bring in some social media influencers to your live event, it would multiply the engagement rate over your page. 

It is a brilliant tactic to bring more subscribers to your email list. The marketers prefer to use this particular strategy for growing the email lists by promoting the live event throughout the duration. You need to be a good speaker and attention grabber to make the most impact. 

Step 5: Spread the News of a Giveaway

It is one of the easiest tactics but is still an effective one! Drop a post or run a live event with the information that you would be running a giveaway of some premium gift to one or more of the subscribers to their brand. You can promote a giveaway of a product, discount or anything else that would interest the customers. Keep a condition that the followers need to sign-up to your email list to participate in this giveaway. 

The audience will opt-in to sign-up as it costs them nothing but offers an ideal chance of winning the contest. Hence, this will lure your potential leads to be part of your brand through the emails. 


Hence, this is the complete elaboration on how you can start using social media to increase your email subscribers.

Don’t just sit back and rely upon the website sign-up CTA to give you a lot of leads in the form of subscribers. Keep learning more about it, and you will eventually know how these strategies can be imposed with more proficiency.

You need to work out your mind and approach different ways to make that happen. And social media is the prime shot you can take at the moment! 

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