7 Issues with the Oppo RealMe 1 Smartphone and How to fix them

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
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We recently reviewed super-budget smartphone from Oppo RealMe 1, its base variant of 32GB internal storage and 3GB RAM is available at Rs 8990/-.

A lot of reviewers were not recommending the base variant and instead recommending the higher variant of 6GB Ram and 128 GB of storage that is priced at Rs 13990/.

I am not against the recommendation, the RealMe 1 does come with some issues, and maybe these issues are also present in the higher variant as well. But the base variant has more issues. Thankfully it can be fixed. And in this article, we are going to talk about seven such issues with the Smartphone and how you can fix them.

Fix the earphone sound

If you want a smartphone you will notice the sound when you use an earphone is a little weird, there is actually nothing wrong with the speakers or the sound itself. The RealMe 1 smartphone has some kind of feature that is enabled by default. You can disable the feature and the sound coming out from your phones would be normal.

Fix RAM Management

One of the reasons many people were not recommending the base variant of and this Smartphone is its pathetic RAM Management, I have mentioned this even in my in-depth review of the RealMe 1 Smartphone.

The recent apps keep reloading and can get annoying sometimes, thankfully this issue can be fixed by updating the software of your phone. The company has already rolled out an OTA update if you want a smartphone you may have already been notified about it. But if you haven’t, you can go to the about section from the settings area of your smartphone and look for an update.

Secure the Face Unlock

The same OTA update has also made the Face Unlock feature a little more secure, you know have the option to disable the unlock when your eyes are closed.

This is helpful when someone is trying to unlock your phone while you are sleeping with your eyes closed.

Take good photos with the camera

Considering the price of this Smartphone it has a pretty good camera, but all those AI portrait mode and beauty features make the photos look pretty bad, especially if you are a male, you would end up looking like a female because of this highly beautify features.

To fix this issue, you can disable all these gimmick features and take photos, your photos would look more natural and you can also get clear photos in natural light.

Use 4 digit lock code

The RealMe 1 smartphone does not have a fingerprint sensor, and the Face Unlock feature would only work when there is a decent amount of Light to make your face visible to the camera.

But to keep your phone secure you can use the Security lock feature. The security lock code is of 6 digit code by default, but you can choose between 4 digit codes, passwords, or pattern locks.

Enable gesture for split screen

All the modern Android Smartphones come with this useful feature of the split screen where you can use two apps at once, the Oppo RealMe 1 smartphone also has the split screen feature, but enabling it is a little tricky.

Since the smartphone has the trending 18:9 ratio screen display, you can get rid of the navigation buttons and use gestures to navigate, show the combination of navigation keys will not work for enabling the split screen feature. But you can use gesture to enable the split screen feature.

When you enable the gesture for split screen, you can place your three fingers on the screen and swipe up to get into the split screen mode.

Use Face unlock in dark environment

The Face Unlock actually works only when your face is visible to the camera, which means it will not work in dark environment. But here is a little hack that I came across while experimenting with different features.

You can swipe down from the lock screen to get to the notification panel, and Tab on the notification icon to turn on the Android notification light, cover the notification light with your palm, and your phone will be unlocked.

I think this happens because some of the light gets reflected from your palm and lighten your face so that the Face Unlock works.

I understand this is not an ideal solution which will be useful for everyone, but you never know how we can make the Face Unlock work in a dark environment as well.

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