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Download & Install Gcam / Google Camera on Poco F1

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Xiaomi is the latest offering from its new summer brand the Poco F1 has got some really great reviews across all the Tech Publications.

Even we have done some posts praising about this smartphone available at such an affordable price of Rs 21000.

A few weeks later, the phone has already been sold in lacs units, people are realising about the pros and cons of the Poco F1.

I too went ahead and bought the Poco F1 and I have been using it for last few days, I will be doing a full in-depth review of the phone soon. But right now all I can say that the camera performance is pretty good.

But if you want to make it better, here is a good news for you. I am sure you might be aware of the Gcam, or Google camera, which is a modified APK of the Google Pixel Smartphone that is ported to work on other phones.

And it’s already requirement is the Google camera API, which requires the smartphone to be rooted in order to enable it. The good news is, the camera API is already enabled on Poco F1.

You can easily install the Gcam Mod on Poco F1 without having to root it.

The only tough part is to find the right Gcam Mod app for the Poco F1 because there are too many of them.

So, you can go all ahead and search for the Gcam Mod to find which one works for you, you can download the APK from the link at the end of this post, which we have tested on my smartphone and it works pretty well.

The Gcam Mod that I used on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, of the Redmi Note 4, had the Portrait mode, but the modded Gcam app for Poco F1 does not offer the Portrait mode, however, the APK does have Lens Blur mode, which works pretty much like the Portrait mode.

Comparing Photos taken from Stock Camera and Google Camera on Poco F1

This one is taken from the Primary Camera using the Google Camera app will the Lens Blur effects.

This one is taken with the Stock Camera app from the back Camera with Portrait Mode on.

This one is taken using the Stock Camera App from front camera with Portrait Mode On

This one is taken using the Google Camera App from front camera with Lens Blur On.

Take with Google Camera / Lens Blur

Taken with Stock Camera with Portrait Mode in Object

Not Everything in Gcam will work

Since it’s a Moded app, not every feature of the big Google Pixel Camera is going to work, such a, it cannot be used for shooting videos because it crashes every time you switch to video.

You also cannot take photos in the highest quality the Poco F1 camera is capable of. The highest quality available for the selfies is 5 MP while for the primary camera it is just 8MP.

But, as we have already discussed several times, it’s not the Megapixel which makes photos great, it’s how the photos are processed, which is where the modded apps of the Google pixel work pretty well.

What’s better in Gcam than Stock App of Poco F1

Comparing the photos taken from both the smartphones, the colour balancing after Gcam that was more accurate than the stock camera, especially the stock camera with AI mode on, which makes the photos colourful.

You might like the colour reproduction done with AI mode on, but the photos taken with the Gcam app seem to be more correct with the real-life scene.

Also, the low light photos are better when taken with the Gcam Mod as it gives out more details in the photos

Download Gcam Mod APK for Xiaomi Pock F1


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