Google Smart Compose Feature Comes to Google Pixel 3: First Smartphone to Have this Feature

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Update: The Smart Compose in Gmail is now available on all Android Smartphones.

When Google introduced the revamped version of Gmail, it incorporated many exciting features, which are going to make users even more productive.

One such feature is Smart Compose, which magically completes your sentences based on what you are going to type next. This has been made possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

And the same feature is now available in Google Pixel 3. Meaning you can compose emails smartly even while you are on the go.

Google recently unveiled the next generation of Pixel smartphones with Google pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL, which are going to be made available soon.

I have used the smart compose feature on the web version of Gmail at works really well, and I can’t wait to try it on a mobile phone.

Though the feature is currently exclusive to Google Pixel 3 it would soon be rolled out to other pixel smartphones.

And looking at the history of Google pattern of rolling out pixel exclusive features, it is going to make its way to the other Android Smartphones sooner or later.

Google has also recently announced that they will be shutting down inbox by Google since Gmail has already got some of its features.

It is a smart move from Google to focus on just Gmail and provide an even better experience for both web and smartphone users.

How does the smart compose feature work in Google Pixel 3?

It was pretty much like it does on the Gmail on the web. Simply open the Gmail app and start composing your email or start replying to an email.

The Apple start suggesting you the next word or the sentence based on what you are typing, you can swipe to the right to complete the sentence, and continue typing the next one.

Apart from impressive features like smart composed the Google pixel 3 are loaded with impressive features in the camera department as well check out these amazing features you can find in the Google Pixel 3 smartphone camera

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