Can Anyone Hack or Spy on My WhatsApp Account?

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WhatsApp is used by over a billion people every day to send and receive messages from two friends and family. It is the simplest messaging app available for mobile.

And because it is used by the masses, they have been so many confusions having its uses regarding its security.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the infusions you may have about WhatsApp.

Can anyone hack my WhatsApp account?

You may hear claims from people to have hack into someone’s WhatsApp account, but it is not that easy. WhatsApp accounts are created using phone numbers, and WhatsApp security allows the service to run on a single device.

Though, there is WhatsApp Web now, which actually Mirrors your WhatsApp on a smartphone to your PC, even for using WhatsApp web you need to stay connected to the internet on your mobile phone.

It is practically impossible to hack into someone’s WhatsApp account unless you have access to the phone number, or you can be triggered into stealing the OTP.

Or maybe, if someone gets a hold of your smartphone for a few minutes, he might scan the QR code and connect your WhatsApp to WhatsApp web. But even then, you will be notified whenever and wherever the WhatsApp web is active. And you can easily log out remotely using your WhatsApp account on your mobile.

So unless you do not share your mobile phone with anyone else, your WhatsApp account is safe.

Can anyone spy on my WhatsApp account?

This is actually similar to the first point. People can actually spy on WhatsApp account using WhatsApp web. But that can only happen if you had your smartphone over to them for a few minutes so that they can scan the QR code on WhatsApp web and connect.

Whatsapp web is actually a desktop version, created for the convenience of sending and receiving messages from the desktop. But it can be exploited to keep a tab on your WhatsApp activity.

WhatsApp now notifies everyone whose account is active on WhatsApp web, this notification remains consistent in the notification panel as long as the session stays active.

Apart from this, there isn’t actually any other way to spy on WhatsApp account.

Can anyone view WhatsApp status without letting anyone know?

Yes, you can, WhatsApp actually gives everyone the options of showing ‘read receipts’, it is an option that can be found in the privacy section from the settings menu of WhatsApp.

Can you uncheck the ‘Read Receipts’ box users won’t be able to know whether you have viewed their WhatsApp status or not? But this feature comes with a trade-off, and that his, even you won’t be able to know who viewed your WhatsApp status (so it is kind of give and take thing)

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