How to cheat at Solitaire to Win Almost Every Game

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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Solitaire was one of the most amazing and cherished card games of the 1990s. We know that! But do you know that it is still loved by many card game lovers? Precisely around 1 million people still play it every day, according to Google. All thanks to the technological advancement that has brought a revolution in the gaming world. With the availability of many online gaming sites and apps, playing solitaire is just a few clicks away. But is solitaire an easy game? Well, no!

Being a complex card game, solitaire has never been an easy game. It has different variations, some are harder than others. But even the easier ones are hard to crack for beginners. They can give you a tough time and your mind too. However, instead of giving up on it, it is better to find some tricks and tips to pave the path to success.

Here are a few things that might help you wade the way toward the success line:

Hint Button 

If you are stuck somewhere in the game, you check out different options. Maybe you have missed any opportunity that could have turned the game in your favor. But you couldn’t find it and unfortunately, you feel like losing the game.

That’s where the hint button comes in to help the player. You can use the hint option to know “what next” when you feel stuck somewhere.

The good thing? You can use this option for unlimited times. So, this cheat option is not going anywhere; use it and enjoy.

Make a Winning Strategy

Here goes another open cheat option: Make sure to create as many options to play moves as possible.

The biggest mistake people make is they start from the tableau and try to create a pile of cards in columns. Result? Face-down cards become hard to reveal and ultimately, it becomes hard to find more moves, and you get stuck.

So, instead of playing cards randomly, make a winning strategy and leave room to make cards. Start by drawing a card from the deck and try to open the face-down cards for more options.

Always Keep Your Columns Filled 

It is a rule of thumb in Solitaire to never empty a column if you don’t have any King to fill that place. You can only begin a column with a King, without that the whole column, in other words, that whole place, will get wasted.

So, avoid this blunder and keep your columns filled to keep a blockage of space. However, if the column only contains aces, then you can empty the column because it is the lowest number and no number comes on it.

Deal Aces and Twos Quickly 

No need to keep aces and twos till the end just because you want to see a fully compiled deck (believe me, people do that!).

If your aces and twos are revealed earlier, then deal with them quickly. It will give you three advantages, two strategically, and one psychologically.

You will have more space to move cards and more cards will be revealed, and psychologically, you will be offloaded since you know you have fewer cards to deal with. So, it is an all-square by all possible means.

Stack Foundations Evenly 

Different people have different strategies regarding stacking foundations. However, there is only one strategy that works better than others, i.e., stack foundations evenly.

It is good to focus on building ace foundations, but it can bite you back if you don’t have all cards face-up or the tableau pile is not arranged.

So, it is better to focus on stacking foundations evenly if all cards are not face-up. It will save you from getting jam-packed in the middle.

Scan with Face–Up Cards 

All face-up cards are the biggest hints for game planning. Whether you should pile Ace tableau, leave a column empty, stack foundations evenly, or build a column on which color King card, it all depends on what type of face-up cards you have.

So, focusing on revealing face-down cards is important, but keeping an eye on face-up cards is equally important. Never skip this cheat card.

Deal Hidden Cards Column 

If you have the luxury to move cards, first, congratulations because it rarely happens. Secondly, take it as God’s gift and an opportunity to reveal as many hidden cards as possible.

Play each move strategically and take benefit of this luxury by strategizing each move and revealing the cards from revealed columns.

Now as you know the tricks, next, where to play the game with so many options in hand? We have a solution for you. Here are a few places to play solitaire games:

Solitaire Bliss 

Solitaire Bliss is one of the fun sites to play solitaire with more than 30+ variations. Once you land here, you never get bored due to the amazing graphics and other fun options, like daily challenges and customization options, hints, undo, and a lot more to keep you hooked and entertained like never before.


Solitaired is another site to play different variations of solitaire games with undo, redo, and hint options. Are you left-handed? No problem! This game can cater to your issue with its various options. Don’t forget the game of the day that is a huge challenge for all players 

Wrapping Up 

Playing solitaire games is a fun experience. With so many variations in the bucket, you can never get bored. The best thing is you can play them with a good strategy on different sites and apps without any need to stick to a PC’s screen. However, choose the site carefully because not all sites give the best experience.

The best option is to go with the sites with free playing options and numerous variations, along with an addition of good animation and graphics. Now you know the cheat tricks to win a solitaire. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin the game!


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