A couple of weeks ago I wrote a tutorial showing how you can fit any video into Instagram stories perfectly.

Well, it seems that people at Instagram have also been reading our blog because now it is incredibly easy to fit any video into Instagram stories without having to edit them specifically for it.

So this is how you fit any video in Instagram stories without any additional software or app.

If you have updated your Instagram from Play Store, you will have this feature.

You will be able to select any video from your camera roll if the video is in normal 16:9 ratio, it would take up the entire frame like it normally does.

You can then pinch out the video to make it smaller, or rotate it. You can basically make the video smaller or bigger as per your wish.

You can also move the video on the left or right so that the subject remains in the frame of your Instagram stories.

This feature has actually been made available a couple of weeks ago itself, and I have been actually using it and surprisingly it did not come into my mind to update all of you about it.

What I particularly like about this feature is that you don’t have to fill up the screen.

Even if you decide to keep the video in its actual aspect ratio, the video would appear in the center, leaving space above and below it, which again can be filled by writing captions above and below the video.

Instagram has introduced a lot of features since then, but sadly there is no feature available to post longer videos on Instagram yes.

For that, you might have to read this tutorial that shows you how to slice your videos into smaller 15 seconds and then upload it on Instagram.


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