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Install Google Camera / Gcam Mod on RealMe 5 Pro

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RealMe has been launching smartphones like crazy. In the last one year, they have reached the fifth generation of their primary smartphone, and RealMe 5 and Realme 5 Pro are now available in the market.

The RealMe 5 Pro from the RealMe 5 series is one of the best camera smartphones you can buy.

It has got a quad-camera setup at the back with the primary sensor being 48 MP, an ultra-wide lens, a depth sensor, and a macro lens.

The stock camera on the Realme 5 Pro might be offering better photos, but it doesn’t have the software that can take advantage of the hardware as the Google Camera can

Developers are working to put out the Google camera from the pixels and make them work on other smartphones as well.

These are known as Gcam mods, and there are already several Gcam mods available different smartphones that have turned even an ordinary camera phone into a fantastic camera smartphone.

So let’s see how you can install Gcam mod for RealMe 5 Pro and get the best out of these cameras.

Download Gcam Mod for RealMe 5 Pro

Different developers have been working to give out a bug-free Gcam Mod where most of the features would work for the smartphone.

So it is kind of hit and miss, and you have to go through a lot of APK is to find the perfect one which works for a particular smartphone.

And we have found the best one at least for now. Follow the steps mentioned below to download and install the Gcam Mod on RealMe 5 Pro.

  1. Download the Gcam mod for redmi 5 Pro from this link.
  2. Once you download it, tap on the file to install it on your mobile phone.
  3. You might have to turn on allow apps from this source, from the settings.
  4. Once you install the Gcam mod on your mobile,
  5. launch the Gcam app, go to the settings,
  6. tap on BSG Mod settings,
  7. scroll down and enable enhanced HDR plus in portrait mode.
  8. Tap on saturation and set it to 1.8 and 2.4 for the back camera, and for the front camera, you can set it to 1.2 and 1.8.

Once you do it, you can exit the app, Go to the Recent/ Multitasking area, swipe up or down to close the Gcam app, go back and relaunch the Gcam to take stunning photographs.

You will see the difference between photos taken from the stock camera and Gcam mod.

It is proof that software optimization has a significant role in having the best camera Smartphone and perhaps this is the reason why Google pixel smartphones are king of smartphone cameras.

You can check out Gcam tag to find all other Gcam mods available for different smartphones.


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