How to Install the Prisma App on Android Phone

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There are thousands of apps in the App Store and hundreds of apps get submitted to it on a daily basis. And among those hundred apps, there are times when one particular app gets the most download love of the users.

So much that it ends up being the talk of every tech show and makes it to the list of must have apps on almost every tech site.

And the app which has been making it to such lists is Prisma.

Update : The Prisma app is now live in the play store, link at the bottom of this post.

It’s a photography app that applies some creative filters over your photos and makes it look more creative.

This app type has already proved to be a hit when Instagram has launched a few years ago, which was downloaded millions of times when it came to Android and was later bought by Facebook for a whopping $1 Billion.

While Prisma is nowhere near that Instagram success, it is still making news for its creative filters and getting a lot of 5-star reviews on the App Store. The huge success on App Store is making Android users go mad for its availability on the Android.

The Facebook page of the Prisma app makes a post stating that over 1 Million people are downloading the app from the app store.

Though the Beta version of Prisma was launched a few days ago, it was pulled back as a lot of users started downloading and installing the .APK file of the beta version which was shared online.

Which means you will have to wait until the .APK file of Prisma app is available. We’ll put the link in the post.

Update : The app is now live in the Play Store

Install Prisma App

Prisma has also been working on the feature that will let users apply filters on videos as well. Here is the video shared by Prisma on Instagram.

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