How to Install Showbox App on Fire TV Stick

You are looking to know how you can install Showbox App on your Amazon Fire TV stick? Find out how to duet in this detailed guide.

For those who don’t know, Showbox is an app which lets you stream popular TV shows and movies from different services, free of cost.

We have written about it in detail in a separate article which you can read here.

The Android app of Showbox is designed for mobile phones, but you can install it on Amazon Fire TV stick also, to enjoy any movie or TV show on a big screen.

How to install Showbox App on Fire TV stick

Doing that is a little tricky since the Showbox App is not available in the Amazon app store.

The only way to install it on the Amazon Fire TV stick is bi sideloading it, for which you need to to enable the developer options.

Now, don’t worry about enabling developer options; it’s not that tough if you follow the steps mentioned below.

Enable developer options in Fire TV stick

Power on your TV and let the Fire TV stick initialize and get ready. You can then use the Fire TV stick remote to navigate to the My Fire TV from the settings area.

Once you are there, scroll down and click on developer options. In the developer options, you will find the option to enable installing apps from ‘Unknown Sources.’

Just enable it, and you will now be able to install any third-party app on Amazon Fire TV stick.

Download and install Showbox APK on Fire TV stick

Now that you have enabled the option to install APK files from ‘Unknown Sources’, you need the APK file of the Showbox App on the Amazon Fire TV stick, so that you can install it.

Downloading it again is a little tricky, because the browsers you install on Amazon Fire TV stick, what support downloading files.

Fortunately, you can install ES explorer from the Amazon app store. You can do this by searching directly for the ES Explorer and then installing it from the app store.

Once you install it, you can open it and go to the Download Manager, which is at the left bottom of the app.

You will find the option called new, clicking on which will pop up a window where you need to type the URL of the direct download link for the APK.

The APK download links are usually longer, so what you can do is use your mobile phone to search for the Showbox APK, and copy the link.

How to get the APK links?

I would recommend you install the Fire TV remote on your mobile phone, and it is available for both Android as well as iOS.

The Fire TV remote on your mobile makes it easier to copy-paste the link since you will be able to use the keyboard of your mobile phone instead of using the virtual keyboard, which you have to navigate through using the remote.

Open and search for the APK on your mobile, then tap on the download, mostly all the download sites will automatically start the download on the file.

You can cancel the download and copy the link from the page which gives the option to click on a link in case the download doesn’t start automatically.

You can also in a separate article which you can read here if you want.(long press on mobile to copy link addresss)

Please Note: If this option is not available, you can download the APK and upload it on either Dropbox or Google Drive, and copy-paste the share link. 

Once you have copy-paste the link ok of the APK, tap on next, and download will start. Once the download is completed, you can install the APK, by opening the folder where the file exists.

You can also navigate to the folder by going to Download section from Local, in the sidebar.

Do you can click on the apk file to start installing the Showbox App on your Amazon Fire TV stick.

Once the app is installed, you will launch the app and enjoy watching your favorite content on a bigger screen.

So this is how we can download and install Showbox App on Amazon Fire TV stick, you can install any app on Fire TV stick by following this guide