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iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Which Phone You Should Buy?

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I wanted to do this compression of the iPhone 7 with the Galaxy Note 7, not just for you, but for me as well, since I loved the Galaxy Note 7 when it launched in August before it was exploding here and there.

But now, since Samsung stops the production of Galaxy Note 7, the choice becomes very certain, but for people who still want to have a choice, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7 Edge is still the next best. We will compare the iPhone 7 with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

We will talk about the design, the OS, the performance of these phones, and the use cases so that you can decide which one is better for you.

The design: iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The iPhone 7 is a 4.7-inch phone, with the design that started with the iPhone 6 (in 2014).

The Next Web
The Next Web

Though the dimensions of the iPhone 7 are exactly the same as last year’s iPhone 6S, Apple removed the headphone jack to fill it up with a little more battery and a haptic feedback in the home button (which doesn’t feel like you are pressing, when you are pressing it)

Apart from that, iPhone 7 is available in two more colors, Jet Black (the shiny one) and the Matte Black (this one looks awesome btw)

The Jet Black (the shiny black) is super glossy and attracts fingerprints like crazy. Matte Black, on the other hand, looks good.

Youtube / The Tech Chap
Youtube / The Tech Chap

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which is a 5.1-inch phone, has a curved 3D Glass display which makes it look as if there are no bezels present. It looks nice, but there aren’t any useful functions of having such a screen apart from looking cool.

It’s little bigger, heavier and thicker than the iPhone 7 but can be used with one hand.

If you use your phone for listening to a lot of music, watching videos etc. Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 would be more suitable for you. The iPhone 7 does offer Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter which is included in the box, then it fills up the only slot so you can either charge your device of using the earphones. If you lose this adapter, you have to a new one for $10.

Another option Apple is giving to the users is the Airports, but they are expensive. Plus, wireless means, more battery usage.

So, if you are good at keeping things from losing, you can go for the iPhone 7.

The OS:  iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The difference between iOS and Android is pretty much the same for every iPhone and Android Phone. The iPhone 7 has iOS 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has Android 6.0.

The iPhone 7 has iOS 10 (the latest version), which brings some exciting features to the phone like you can remove preinstalled apps from the phone to get more space if you buy the 32GB variant.

The Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge has Android 6.0, (the latest version), and on top of that Samsung has their own custom UI of TouchWiz which adds more features to the Android OS (and it has really matured with time).

If you find yourself moving data (music, videos, photos etc.) from PC to your phone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will make things quicker. Whereas the iPhone 7 would still need iTunes for this purpose.

Since we live in an age of YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix, it is very unlikely that you will be needing to do that. But it’s still a plus to simply plug your phone into the PC and start the transfer.

The Performance

I haven’t really used both of them side by side, So I’ll embed a video from iTalkTech, who compare the performance of both these phones.

The video compares the speed of app launches, camera launch, camera shooter, video games, content load in several apps. And they result very between these two phones.

In some cases, the iPhone 7 is fast, and at some places, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge wins, they both also perform similarly in some cases. You can watch the video decide.

So, we’ve talked about the design, the OS, and the Performance, I think these are enough to make a decision of buying a phone.

If the price is another factor in deciding which phone to buy, here are the prices of both the phones on amazon.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

$613.99 on (32GB)  Check the latest price

₹50,000/- on (32GB)  Check Latest Price

Apple iPhone 7

$799 on (32GB) Check Latest Price

$899 on (128GB) Check Latest Price

₹60,000/- on (32GB) Check Latest Price

₹70,000/- on (128GB) Check Latest Price


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