This Keyboard Shortcut Can Potentially Save Your 9 Hours In Excel Sheet

If you are a Microsoft Excel users you might find this useful.

You might be aware of how tedious of a job it could be to scroll down in the Excel Sheets using the arrow keys. If you do not know, ask this guy.

Has it ever occurred to you to find out the ends of an Excel Sheet in Microsoft Excel?

Even if you have tried it, it’s an endless tail of rows.

This guy literally spent 9 hours to go to the bottom of an excel sheet in Microsoft Excel using just the arrow key.

He took up the challenge to find the end of an Excel Sheet by keeping the arrow key pressed for 9 hours, and he actually recorded himself doing that and even posted it on YouTube.

And in 9 hours, he scrolled down over 1,048,576 rows! That’s a lot of rows to scroll down.

A simple shortcut can take you down in just one second. Simply Press CTRL + Down Arrow, and you are right at the bottom of the Excel sheet.

Excel sheets might look like a lot of office work but it can be extremely useful.

I’ve actually used Google spreadsheet which is pretty much like Microsoft Excel sheet, to create a keychain calculator to calculate the amount of milk we took from the milkman.

It’s a simple and Goofy way to use the software, but there are many other use cases where you can find it helpful. Check out this article to know more about it

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