Learn about all New iOS 10 Features & Why You Should Waitfor a Few Days

So the Public beta of iOS 10 is finally available for everyone to download and enjoy.

But before you do that, you might want to wait for a few days.

Why wait for a few days?

Well, it’s a fact that every time Apple releases their new iOS version, it breaks a lot of things on a lot of iOS devices, Apple then brings some quick fix updates from the feedback of people. And, you might not want to be that person, to send the feedback. So better wait.

But that doesn’t mean you should not know about the features. Know what’s in it for you. So, in this post, we talk about all the features that have been introduced in the iOS 10.

Raise to Wake

View time (or notification) on the lock screen without touching a button. This is useful in a lot of situations.

And some people hated to press the home button just to see the time. So. they’d be happy with it.

Capture a moment quickly

Use the above feature, raise to wake, then swipe left on the lock screen to launch the camera, and take capture that moment forever.

Searching Photos got easier

So the iOs 10 has this nice feature which lets you browse your camera roll in different ways to get to the photo you want.

You can sort the photos by date, location, and even name. Face recognition works well as it tags every face of a people and puts them in a single folder of that name. It’s  like Google Photos for Camera Roll.

Preinstalled apps can now be uninstalled

So do you need some extra space on your phone? you can now get that by simply removing the preinstalled apps

More Options in Control Center with 3D Touch

iPhone 6S and above that have that 3D Touch feature, will enjoy more options in the control center without even leaving it.

Touching with pressure on an action will bring more options for that action.

iMessages borrows some features from Facebook Messenger

The iMessages will now show you a preview of a link inside that app, without having to leave the app. For example, if someone shares a link to a YouTube videos, you ca watch it within the app.

Siri can be used with 3rd Party apps as well

So, the people who rely on Siri to brings some quick information from Apple apps will find Siri more useful as it can now be used with other apps as well.

Which means Siri can send a message to your friend via WhatsApp also.