Learn to Code on your Mobile Phone using Google’s Grasshopper App

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Google has launched when you learn to code app called grasshopper which will help beginners to learn to code on their smartphones.

The Gospel app has been created by a team of coders from Google’s workshop for experimental products.

“Coding is becoming Sachin essential skill and we want to make it possible for everyone to learn even when life gets busy”

“We made grasshopper app to help folks like you get into coding in a fun and easy way,” the company said in a blog post.

We developed grasshopper for a mobile phone so that I can turn your commute or waiting in line time into a learning moment.

The grasshopper app is available for both iOS as well as Android.

It’s actually quite a cool idea to bring coating Essentials to the mobile phone because it is indeed a computer in our pockets.

And with apps like Grasshopper, the mobile phone users will have more options to make better use of your time instead of leaking their Private data via social apps like Facebook.

It is obvious that you cannot become a hardcore coder just by using the Grasshopper app on your mobile phone but it will be essential in taking your first baby step towards coding.

Area 120, the team that works on experimental products, has also come up with innovative apps in the past as well, “Advr” – an advertising format for virtual reality, ‘Tailor”, Supersonic, Appointments”, and YouTube co-watching app ‘UpTie” are to name a few.

The Grasshopper app offers several courses, such as “The Fundamentals” where users learn how could works.

More courses will be added with future updates. At the time of writing this article, there were already more than 500,000 installations on Android for the Grasshopper app.

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