How to Limit Your Time Spent on Facebook and Avoid Wasting Your Time

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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If Facebook is not part of your daily work routine, chances are you are spending more time then you actually should.

Smartphone addiction is something we all go through, even I have got smartphone addiction which I am really struggling with.

I have found that the majority of time I spend on the mobile phone is spent on one particular app, Facebook. And I am not even connecting with my friends and family, I am just friend only watching videos.

Credit where it’s due, Facebook has really created an amazing interface for videos that you end up watching more than just one video.

Here are a few things that I am following that I would like to share the with other people, so that this Smartphone addiction especially the Facebook addiction can be cured.

Remove the Facebook Icon from the Home Screen

It is so easy to access Facebook on your mobile. The blue icon of Facebook app screams on your face from the home screen, you end up tapping on it, and once you are in there, it’s quite tough to get out.

So, the best thing you can do is, remove the Facebook icon from the home screen. If you have an Android mobile phone that has got an app drawer, keep it there only. Do not bring the app icon to the home screen.

It definitely helps when you are not seeing it on your home screen, rather put some useful apps, it can be your work-related or anything that is not a time waster

Disable Notifications for the Facebook App

The notifications are a great thing, especially when you want to be quick in responding to something, or taking action, but when it comes to Facebook, you can spend time following up with random conversations.

Facebook sends notifications when random friends post in random groups, and I don’t care about any, but I still have to look for a notification and waste my time.

Disabling the notifications for the Facebook app is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you don’t want to dive into the Facebook world every time you see a notification.

Long press on the Facebook icon, several options are there, Tab on app info, it takes you straight to the information page for the application. Tap on the notification and then use the power button to turn off all the notifications.

Set Daily Reminder to Measure time Spent on Facebook

Facebook has introduced a feature called time on Facebook that lets you track the time you spend on Facebook it can be found in the settings in privacy area of Facebook.

My time on Facebook looks something like this.

The good thing is that you can set reminders so that a popup appears whenever you spend a certain amount of time. I have set 1 hour add a reminder at try to shutdown Facebook for the day whenever I reach this limit.

You can do this by tapping the hamburger icon, or vertical 3 lines, on the top right hand side of the Facebook app, then scrolling down at the bottom to click on Settings and Privacy.

I hope you find this Saturday useful and it will be helpful in Facebook.


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