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Anwer Khan
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If you are a Madden mobile game lover, and you are looking for Madden NFL hacks or Madden Mobile Cheats, you should consider reading this article clearly, to clear out your confusions and save your time.

Madden NFL Overdrive is an American football mobile sports game based on the National Football League, developed and published by Electronic Arts.

An entry in the Madden NFL series, the game was released for Android and iOS devices on August 26, 2014.

And so far it has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Play Store alone.

And because of its popularity, and competitive nature, a lot of folks had been turning to the internet, looking for cheat codes or hacks, so that get the can get ahead of their competitors.

This is not the first game, people want to get some kind of cheat code to win it.

Earlier we wrote about getting unlimited spins in the addictive arcade game called coin master.

I have no issues with you searching for cheat codes or hacks online, my issue is with websites that promise you to do that and try to make money off it by showing your ads or surveys.

It doesn’t happen only with Madden NFL Mobile or Coin Master, there are many other popular games where these spammy website owners try to fool the users with their fake promises of giving them something they can use to cheat and get ahead of their competitors.

In fact, I have seen a lot of forums, where someone posts a question asking how the can get the cheat codes and mostly 90% of the answers were by these scam websites, that do not really care about the gamer.

All they want is,

  • to either send a virus on your mobile phone or,
  • show ads to install applications so that it can make money from it.

So, my advice would be to stop looking for cheat codes for hacks for this game and enjoy it just like that.

One user on Quora has even shared screenshots showing how these spammy websites take advantage of the situation and ask you to complete a survey to unlock the download of a file that will contain the cheat code.

Why do such sites exist?

These spammers make good money when a survey is completed. Our advice would be to stay away from search websites that promise you free madden cash, or some kind of cheat code to hack the game and win.

It isn’t actually the fault of users also, the game is created in such a way that it use ago frustrated about not winning it, and then they turn to the paid options of wind power to get a boost in the game.

In-app purchases are the way how this game makes money, and so does many other games. This is why they are designed in such a way to make people spend money on it.

I hope you find this article useful and will be able to save yourself from such scam websites in that put ads in your face and make money because of your passion for a certain game.

You can share it with someone who might find it useful.

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