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Magento VPS Hosting: Features, Benefits, Pricing!

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Are you ready to start an eCommerce business? If you made a plan, you probably have an idea about how your website will look.

But you still need to find the right software for your store and get a web hosting plan with optimized resources.

A Magento VPS package is a great alternative since it allows users to fully customize, modify or extend the source code for any function. The awesome features also provide multiple benefits you should take into consideration.

What Is Magento?

Magento is an open-source software company and the third most popular e-Commerce platform on the market (after WooCommerce and Shopify).

The brand reached this level because there are many characteristics that go beyond the basic sale process.

The software is freely available for people to use, allowing you to develop any new module or extension if that’s what you’re looking for. You may also purchase existing features or hire someone else to help you go through the initial setup.

Magento has an active community of over 300,000 members that post comments and suggestions on the official forum. If there’s something you struggle with, reach out, and you’ll find a solution. Keep in mind an open-source platform means the quality and functions improve over time.

Another important aspect is security. Magento provides safety measures against hackers and your customers won’t have to worry about using their personal info. In addition, you control how much access you allow each member of your staff. This way you minimize the risk of getting in trouble.

What is Magento VPS hosting?

The acronym VPS stands for ‘’virtual private server’’. As the name suggests, it’s a virtualized computer that was made from a real one. Some people say VPS it’s similar to shared hosting, but the differences are obvious from day one.

While you don’t rent an entire dedicated server for yourself, you have enough resources to support an enormous amount of website traffic.

To make sure you never have problems with your performances, you should purchase a Magento VPS hosting package. This way you will have access to optimized resources and the ability to stand high CPU loads.

With SSD technology that increases speed dramatically, your website will load fast at any time. No one can utilize what you’re paying for since the server itself is not shared. You just have a limited amount of resources that become your responsibility.

The platform offers endless ways to build a professional store, including over 1,000 extensions. A VPS Magento plan works even better – giving you as much control as dedicated hosting, but at a fraction of the cost. In other words, your e-commerce site can start out with a minimum investment.

That’s better than spending lots of money on hosting services you don’t need. A VPS Magento package is also powerful enough to run quickly, improve visitors’ experience and convert them into paying customers.

How easy is it to sell with Magento?

Magento is highly customizable thanks to its extensions. Consequently, you can make any kind of website. The premium design is going to be intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing different payment options and much more.

The shopping cart works as well on tablets as it does on desktops or smartphones. Make sure you use coupons and deals to maximize revenue.

Multiple quality pictures for each product along with reviews will boost your results in the long term. You might also enable one-click purchases and display recently viewed products. People are more likely to go back to them with this function and place an order.

Magento is a brand in the eCommerce space that follows the latest SEO best practices. You will be able to customize your URLs, fill in meta descriptions or create sitemaps for search engines.

Besides that, the platform works well with third-party apps. That includes Google Analytics, email marketing software, and so on. With a Magento VPS plan, you can start your business after just one click. Starting with a good hosting package from the get-go will save you the time that could be used for what’s more relevant.


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