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Micromax Goes Back to Basics, Plans to Launch VoLTe Enabled Phones under Rs 3000/-

The phones will named as Bharat 1 and Bharat 2...

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Micromax is launching two new phones in the budget Segment. We take a look at both of them in this post.

In case you have forgotten, Micromax still exists in the market, they have announced the launch of two new handsets. The Micromax Bharat 1, which is expected to be priced at Rs 1999/- and The Micromax Bharat 2, which will be sold at Rs 2999/-. But don’t expect flashy features from these phones since they are target towards the people who will be using a 4G Only network (Hint: Reliance Jio) which only works on VoLTE.

After losing the battle to Chinese companies offering smartphones in the Rs 5000-2000 Range, Micromax has gone to where it was once a number one Mobile phone seller because there is hardly anyone offering VoLTE enabled phones in the price range of Rs 3000-Rs 5000.

The phones, Bharat 1 and Bharat 2, are said to be launched in the 2nd Quarter of 2017, so consider this just an announcement. A similar announcement is made by Reliance Jio, which will be bringing a VoLTE enabled feature phone which will be priced much lower. Now, we will have to see which one comes first to the market.

In the last two years, Micromax did everything it could to bounce back and survive in this competitive Smartphones industry, it even tried copying the strategies of competitors like Xioami, but, then again,  Quality Matters.

Read: Micromax Is Beating it’s Competitors Just by Copying Them.

I don’t want to make fun of Micromax for the announcements, but again, this is for you Micromax.


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