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Experience both horizontal and vertical gameplay with My Team 11 & GetMega

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Do you love playing sports, especially cricket? If yes, then this is an insightful article for you!

My Team 11 is considered to be the second-largest gaming application and one of the most trusted sports brands across India.

It was launched in 2016 to boost the Indian e-sports industry. It has major sports available in dual languages. Also, it conducts quizzes and other contests to engage a large audience.

My Team11 is an online fantasy sports game. Fantasy sports means a game that is played by users over the internet.

Players create virtual teams for a sports match, and by creating these teams, they get points on the basis of their performance in the match. In the end, the leader board is prepared according to this match and further prizes are given according to these ranks.

This online gaming application gives amazing experiences in the lives of sports lovers who are looking for opportunities in some sports to earn money and win attractive rewards.

It has given competition to the online gaming industry as My team11 is expanding rapidly such as it has decided to expand its boundaries of tier-2 cities and tier-3 cities.

It works on the simple mantra; providing fun games and giving the feel of real matches and creating real pressure of winning.

Team11 gives players the chance to win cash awards through leagues and tournaments by using their skills and knowledge.

  • Safe and secure: The transactions made by My Team 11 are legal and safe. You can add money from your account or from any mode. You can do it without any worries. A large population is already using this app.
  • Full customer support: If you have any queries and issues, you can contact the customer care team anytime. The Customer Support team is always ready to solve your issues.
  • Game policies: It has no unfair practices and strictly follows the rules to play fairly.
  • Easy withdrawal: My Team 11 is the best app as it has an easy withdrawal process from My Team 11 wallet to your bank counts. But it has a condition that you can’t withdraw if you have less than Rs 200 and you can transfer only when you have verified the account with team 11.

On the other hand, GetMega is an online gaming platform that is quite popular amongst the audience. GetMega has many reasons which make it popular. The GetMega gaming application is RMG certified, which gives a sense of security to the users. Also, it is an active member of AIGF.

GetMega provides mainly three varieties of games. These categories are card games, casual games, and trivia.

Card games include games such as poker and rummy. Casual games include games like pool and carrom and trivia includes puzzles, quizzes, and various types of other games. It is also safe and secure and has an amazing user interface.

GetMega accepts only verified profiles, thus, it has no issue regarding any fraud. And you can deposit or withdraw your money securely.

Both horizontal and vertical gameplay with My Team 11 & GetMega

My Team 11 GetMega
My team 11 is a fantasy sports game offering different games such as cricket, football, etc. GetMega is a gaming platform for gaming options like rummy, poker, pool, etc.
The user interaction with virtual players doesn’t come up with major features for the users. The user interaction with virtual players comes up with many attractive features for the users.
It has a simple and innovative user interface. GetMega has a clean and interactive interface that increases users’ engagement.
The players get an amazing experience by playing in Team 11 but the rewards are lesser. GetMega provide opportunities for both entertainment and earning
The leaderboard doesn’t get updated on a daily basis. The leaderboard is updated on a daily basis.



My Team 11 and GetMega both are quite competitive and it becomes difficult to choose one. But you can set some criteria to select an application.

For example, if you are only limited to sports games such as cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, and volleyball, then you should go with My Team 11 as you are selective to the variety of games. But if you are interested in different types of games rather than one single type, then you should go with GetMega. 

It provides multiple games such as rummy and poker and games such as carrom, quizzes, pool, etc. but if you are thinking in terms of entertainment, you can choose any gaming application as it is the motive of the gaming application to offer entertainment.

If you are thinking of earning some money, winning exciting rewards, then also you can choose any of the gaming apps but you should consider the mode of transaction, deposit bonus or rewards, the limit of withdrawal, and many other things. 

It is obvious that you are going to use these apps on your phone, then you have to consider the gameplay of the game. Through this article, we have provided lots of information and shared valuable insights with you!

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