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OnePlus 5 Launch Date in India, It’s Price, Specifications and everything we know so far

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The launch of OnePlus 5 is arriving, it’s just a few days left for the unveiling of the 5th generation of the revolutionary Flagship Killer smartphones that’s usually priced in the mid range. It has arrived. One Plus 5 has been launched now. And now we all know how it looks.

This is how it looks


It seems people are curious to learn about the upcoming phone so much that the internet is filled with rumours, leaked info all over.

So we decided to play along and educate our readers what we know about the device so far. And most of it is true so let’s not call it rumours. I’d like to keep this post on the blog forever and I am not in a mood to misguide you.

Launch Date of OnePlus 5

The launch date of OnePlus 5 is said to be the 22nd June. We know this because, as usual, OnePlus Twitter account teased the date with a poster. I didn’t unveil what product it will be but we can figure it out looking the history of teasers by OnePlus.

Specifications of OnePlus 5

Update: The specifications have been posted on GSMArena. Though the leaked images confirmed that the phone has a Dual Camera setup, the specs give more details about other things the phone brings.

Being the flagship killer it is, the OnePlus phones always have the top notch specs. The leaks suggest it is going to have the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset. OnePlus 3 has a 6GB RAM and came in two variants of 64GB and 128GB.

OnePlus 3 has a 6GB RAM and came in two variants of 64GB and 128GB. We have a similar pattern for the OnePlus 5 as well, the RAM will be 8GB and the phone will be available in two variants of 64GB/ 6GB RAM and 128GB / 8GB RAM.

Storage isn’t the only thing that’s not changed, OnePlus 5 will also be a 5.5-inch, but the resolution has bee doubled from full HD to qHD (1440×2560)

The battery department will see an improvement, the phone is said to have 4000mAh of battery in comparison to  the 3300mAh in OnePlus 3T.

Update: The battery is same as previously launched OnePlus 3T, that is, 3300mAh.

Even the cameras seem to have been bumped up from 16MP in OnePlus 3T to 23MP in OnePlus 5 and there could be two of them since it is the new trend in the Flagship phones for having that Bokeh (blurred background) effect in the Photos.

Update: Primary Cameras are Dual 16 MP, f/1.7 + 20 MP, f/2.6, phase detection autofocus, LED flash and the Front Camers is 8MP.

The tagline on The OnePlus Box shared by Android Authority supports the dual camera claim

The phone will be running on the Android 7.1 Nougat, which is currently the latest OS version of Android provided by OEMs.

There is also news that the OnePlus 5 is also abandoning the 3.5mm Headphone jack. It was one of the first phones to use USB type C for charging rather than the microUSB.

This pretty much sums up how and what the OnePlus is going to be, it’s just a matter of few weeks before the company unveils the phone in from of the world.

Price of OnePlus 5

Even though it’s been called a Flagship killer that offers killer specs at almost half the price of a flagship phone. The previous phones, the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T were introduced at the same price, but then there was not much different between the two phones.

With some changes and new additions to the phone, it’s price for the 64GB variant should be between Rs32,999/- to 33,999/-

It’s Official, Launch on 22nd June, here is the clearer photo.

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