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OnePlus 7 Leaks, Specs, Price and Availability

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As we enter the new year, the date for the launch of OnePlus 7 is arriving, it’s only a matter of time it will be in front of our eyes.

But before it gets unveiled, there is a lot of speculations in the form of rumours and leaks that are surfacing all across the internet.

Consider this page a collection of all the leaks for the specs price and availability of the next generation of the OnePlus smartphone the OnePlus 7.

So what can we expect from OnePlus 7?

The phone on the left could be OnePlus 7 in terms of design.

No Notch

The year 2018 was mostly the year of Notch, we saw Notches of different kinds, the year started with a bigger Notch and then ended with smaller Notches like the water drop Notch, Teardrop notch, which was also seen in OnePlus 6T.

But, as he entered 2019, we can finally say goodbye to the Notch, in fact, we have already stated that the year 2019 will be free from Notches, at least for the flagship smartphones.

For now, we have three main designs that can be used to get rid of the Notch, 1st is the Slider design which was seen in Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

The other is like Vivo NEX Dual with a dual display with second display being on the back which also makes the rear camera usable as a selfie camera.

And the 3rd design is which is most likely be seen in Samsung Galaxy S10 is the Punch hole design, which will be a small dot on the either left or right-hand side of the smartphone for the selfie camera placement.

It is most likely going to be a slider smartphone since it makes the most sense.

Apart from the absence of Notch, the OnePlus 7 can also reduce its bezels to make a nearly bezel-less design.

Wireless charging

OnePlus 7 might finally be supporting wireless charging after staying away from it for years.

Even though it is highly unlikely that the OnePlus 7 is going to have wireless charging, but there isn’t actually anything else to upgrade in the smartphone.

So having the wireless charging support will be a big thing for the flagship killer smartphone.


Since its flagship category smartphone, it is going to be coming with the best chipset available in the year 2019 and that is Snapdragon 855 processor.

Another thing that we can expect from the smartphone is, a variant having 10 GB of RAM with 256 GB of storage with an option to get an even larger variant of 512 GB.

OnePlus has kind of gradually increased their battery capacity and for the OnePlus 7, it is expected to have a little larger battery than the 3700mAh on the OnePlus 6T.

Availability of OnePlus 7?

Even though there is no certain date given by OnePlus for the launch of OnePlus 7, we have kind of cracked its pattern. The company has been launching the flagship smartphone every 6 months or so.

OnePlus 6 was launched in May 2018, it is highly expected that OnePlus 7 would be launched around the same time.

Price of OnePlus 7?

OnePlus managed to keep the price of OnePlus 6T at $550, it is expected that OnePlus 7 would also be starting from $550 making its way up for the other upgraded variants.

This is all we know currently, but we will be updating this page as we get more information about the OnePlus 7 smartphone to make sure you save this page all book market for visiting it later in coming days.


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