Along with the launch of Realme 2 Pro the company surprised everyone by launching an Ultra budget smartphone, the RealMe C1.

It is one of the first smartphones to be available under Rs 10000 with a Notch display. It comes at a far lesser price of Rs 6,999/-.

With the launch of C1, Realme challenges the Reign of Xioami, which has been owning the crown for offering the best value to the money ultra budget smartphones.

If we have to compare this smartphone with the Xioami Redmi 6A, it is Miles ahead of the Xioami Ultra budget smartphone. But let’s break the comparison up for you to understand which one excels in which category.

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Let’s talk about the design

Both the smartphones are completely different from each other in terms of design.

The Realme C1 has a 6.2-inch screen with full HD display having the resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19:9. Thanks to the Notch, the aspect ratio is larger than the Redi 6A.

While the Redmi 6A has a 5.45-inch screen, with full HD display having 720 x 1440 pixels resolution with 18:9 aspect ratio.

The Realme C1 is made from Polycarbonate plastic, while the Redmi 6 feels like Metal, though I am not sure if it’s aluminium.

The Redmi 6A weighs only 145 grams in comparison to the 168 grams on RealMe C1. Part of the reason for Realme C1 being heavier is the 4230mAh battery while it’s just 3000mAh on Realme 6A.

Let’s talk about the camera

There is a single 13-megapixel camera on the back of Redmi 6A, which has f/2.2 aperture the camera is capable of recording full HD video at 30fps. The front camera is 5-megapixels with f/2.2 aperture.

If we talk about the camera on RealMe C1, it has a dual camera setup of 13MP +2MP. The 13 MP has f/2.2 aperture while the2 MP is the depth sensor.

This camera too is capable of recording full HD videos at 30fps

The front camera on the RealMe C1 is also 5MP like the one on the Redmi 6A.

These belong to the Ultra budget category, so we cannot expect too much from these cameras, even though they manage to fairly well job.

Features like Portrait mode are available on both rear and front cameras, even on the Redmi 6A.

Let’s talk about other specifications

Other specifications are pretty much similar apart from the design and the camera set up on both the smartphones.

The smartphones are available in 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage variant.

The Realme C1 is powered by Snapdragon 450 chipset while the redmi 6a is powered by MediaTek Helio A22. So both smartphones tend to give similar kind of performance.

Which is the best smartphone for you?

If you have gone through the comparison of the smartphones above it is clearly obvious that the RealMe C1 has got more to offer, but it is also Rs 1000 costlier than the Redmi 6A.

So, if you really want a dual camera setup and a beautiful looking phone with a notch, then RealMe C1 should be your pick.

Since by paying just Rs 1000 extra, you get a better-designed phone, good camera setup and a large battery, which I think is a great deal.

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