Saturday, April 10, 2021

Reliance Jio is Unlikely to Enter in the DTH Market Anytime Soon

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Reliance Jio entered the telecom sector two years and has kind of disrupted the industry.

After that, there have been rumors all over the internet claiming that Reliance Jio will make its entry into other industries as well to disrupt them.

Such as DTH industry, which badly needs a revolution.

But, before we get into the argument and believe the news of Jio DTH, we will have to understand that Jio does not have the required license to offer DTH services in India. What it can offer is IPTV, which is Internet-based TV, something Airtel was offering a few months before closing it down.

There were even some leaked images that were making the rounds on the web a couple of months ago, its the Set-Top box from Jio which offers features like in Android OS where you can install apps from Play Store, 16 GB of internal memory and ability to connect 2TB hard disk.

Reliance jio has confirmed that they are not planning to enter D2H market anytime soon and all the images that are doing the rounds on the Internet are fake.

Something similar happened with the Jio as well, A couple of months ago several media outlets started reporting that Jio is planning to introduce their own cryptocurrency called JioCoin, after the huge growth of the cryptocurrency market.

Jio had also come forward to rubbish the news of launching JioCoin and had advised people to not fall Prey into scams asking people to invest money in jio.

So, now we know that jio is not planning to launch DTH business services anytime soon.

The reason these Tech sites keep feeding news about Reliance Jio is, that, people have got a lot of interest in it, and these tech sites are able to gain page views out of it, even at the expense of the credibility of reporting.

For those who don’t know Jio is already offering live TV via its jio TV app and Subscription for the app is bundled with their monthly and other unlimited data packs.

You can install the jio TV app from Play Store.

Now that it is clear, Reliance jio is not launching D2H services in India so if you get a message on WhatsApp claiming you can somehow get your hands on the trial device or anything like that consider it a scam.


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