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Reliance JioPhone 2 vs JioPhone: Know Why It’s Priced Rs 2,999!

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The Reliance Industries Limited has recently announced the second generation of the jio phone the jio phone 2, which will be available from 15th of August.

The feature phone is priced at  Rs 2,999, just did of the original jio phone which was launched last year.

Synthes article we are going to compare both the phones and know what has changed in jio phone 2. Does it justify the price of rupees 2,999?

★ The JioPhone 2 has now got an always on display. MP cause of the new size of the display the videos can also be viewed in a vertical form

★ The JioPhone 2 has got a full QWERTY keypad, which makes typing faster in easier since you do not have to press single key multiple times.

★ The JioPhone 2 has not got dual sim support

★ The JioPhone 2 now has got an app store from where apps like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp can be downloaded.

*the app store would soon be available on the original jio phone as well

Talking about the camera, the front camera has been upgraded to 2 megapixels while it was only 0.8 megapixel in the original jio phone. The front camera remains VGA in both.

There is another feature available in JioPhone 2 called for VoWiFi, which enables users to make calls over Wi-Fi network as well.

What has remained the same in both the smartphones?

Apart from the things mentioned above, there are many things that remained the same, such as the size of the display which is still 2.4 inches.

The battery which is still 2000mAh, both the versions support 24 Indian languages, voice commands and come with a dedicated voice assistant button.

Both the virgins have got 512 MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage and can be extended with the help of micro SD slot available in both the feature phones.

Do all the changes justify the Rs 2,999 Pricing?

To be honest, there are some really interesting improvements, but considering you’ll be paying Rs 2,999/ there isn’t really much here.

It is true that you can get back Rs 1500 our of your Rs 2,999 after three years when you return your phone, it’s still not that enticing to go for this smartphone.

If you can add a few more money to your budget, you can, in fact, get a Smartphone that would do a lot more things even JioPhone 2 can’t.


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