This Video of Robot Fighting Back and Shooting at Humans is Fake

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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I came across a video someone sent me on WhatsApp, an app that has more than a billion users, so the information (or misinformation) travels fast.

Here the video

The video looks like it’s a video from one of the training sessions where the robots are being trained to be lethal and be used for dangerous rescue operations.

It shows how the robots are able to retain their balance and never miss their aim, something impossible for real humans. It is also capable of recognizing people and not killing humans on its side.

Scenes like this in the video look quite scary.

Turns out this video is fake.

It is video editing magic, nothing happened like this in real life. There is software available where you can make things like these. You can see such stuff in movies all the time.

This sequence is most likely created in Blender, software for doing CGI in movies.

The video is originally uploaded by Corridor on their YouTube Channel. The video description clearly mentioned this video is a comedic parody.

So it’s the video like the Drone Weaponry video that was going viral a few months ago. that too is video editing magic like this one. So relax guys. Robots are not going to take the world anytime soon.

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