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7 Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tips & Tricks to make the most of it

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones that have launched in 2018. Even though it is priced heavily at $1000, the features it is backed Ved justifies the price.

If you are looking to buy the smartphone, go ahead if you have the budget. Or if you have already bought the smartphone, here are few cool tips and tricks to make the most of this awesome smartphone

Use one-handed mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The earlier criticism about the Note series consisted of calling this a 2 handed smartphone, meaning you would require your two hands to operate it.

Nowadays, it is true for most of the smartphones, fortunately, some smartphones offer a one-handed feature which makes it easy to operate the smartphone. If you feel the 6.44-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a little bit bigger to handle there is a one-handed mode available in the smartphone.

To enable it you can Tab 3 times on the home button and you will enter in one-handed mode, you can swipe it to the left or the right depending which hand you are using to operate your smartphone.

Use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as a Wi-Fi repeater

I don’t see you using your new smartphone as a Wi-Fi repeater so that you can connect some other device at your home or office to the Wi-Fi, because the Samsung Galaxy Note itself is a full-fledged PC, thanks to the Samsung Dex Technology.

But still, if for some reason you want to use your phone as a Wi-Fi repeater, there is a function in Samsung galaxy note 9.

You can enable it by going to the Mobile hotspots under ‘Connection’ in your phone’s Settings. Once you are there, toggle Wi-Fi sharing and mobile hotspot to switch it on.

Now you can connect your other device to your Galaxy Note 9’s Wi-Fi which is connected to another Wi-Fi and works as a midpoint.

Hide Navigation Keys on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The navigation keys at the bottom might bother you on the beautiful and immersive screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, so you can hide them by going to the navigation bar section under display in the settings of your smartphone and toggle the switch to hide the button.

This adds a tiny black dot on the edge of the navigation bar and you can double tap on it for the navigation bar to disappear, you can get the navigation bar back by swiping up from the screen’s edge.

Tag People in the Gallery App for Easier Access

This is actually available in Google photos, but Samsung wants the consumers to use its own gallery app. So the Samsung gallery app has some interesting features.

You can tap on the people icon when you are browsing photos in the gallery app, you will be able to tag people so that you can access all the photos of tagged people.

The feature has been around in the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, with some improvements in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Hide Photo albums in the gallery

What are the annoying things about the gallery app in Samsung smartphones, it’s yours all the Folders consisting of images. While there is a trick to hide photos from a folder, Samsung makes it easy to hide the folders directly from the gallery app itself.

Tap on three dots to get several options one of which is to hide or unhide albums, select albums you want to hide and then tap on ‘Apply’ on the top right-hand side.

Pin notes to the ‘Always on display’

One of the great things about the Samsung Galaxy Note series is it’s always on display, with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you can now 3 notes on the display.

It is a nice way for you to remember things since you are always going to have your smartphone with you.

Make a text only not in the Samsung Notes app, tap on the share I can, select text only and then share it on always on display.

There can be more things that you can do with the Always on Display, such as, change the clock faces by downloading the clock Face App from the Samsung app store, add a GIF, and much more.

You can head over to, Always On Display > Settings > Image/GIF choose some call GIF animations to be displayed on your screen.

Use the S Pen creatively

The creative uses of the S Pen found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has already been demoed on stage at the launch itself.

But the ability to use the S Pen as a remote shutter for your camera or a remote button for playing or pausing your music can get you to be more creative with taking shots of a different kind.

Soon the third-party apps will also find creative ways to use the S Pen.


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