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Samsung Galaxy S10 Specs, Price and Launch Date: Everything You Need to Know

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Update: The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Launched Worldwide. Most of the specs mentioned in this article are correct. The Foldable phone called Galaxy X has also been showcased.

So as we have stepped into 2019 the date for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 is nearing.

Although we have been seeing a lot of leaks and rumours about the upcoming flagship device from Samsung, it is the time of the year when we finally see some concrete information about the upcoming smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to be a special smartphone for Samsung

As the name suggests the Samsung Galaxy S10 marks the 10th anniversary of the most popular smartphone from Samsung, and as Apple did with the iPhone X, on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, it is likely that we are going to see something similar from Samsung as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be Bezelless Smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S10 leak (credit: @evleaks)

We have already discussed that 2018 was actually the year of the ‘Notch’ it was everywhere even in the budget segment. The year 2019 is finally going to be free from the Notch.

Although Samsung never really embraced the Notch and rather preferred sticking with their design sense.

Several rumours also suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is also going to have a Lite version, along with the usual Plus variant, which is going to have a larger battery along with the largest screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10 might be launched on 20th February 2019

This is the date that has been echoing all across the tech sites. So the date of the lanch if much before the Mobile World Congress, which usually happens by the end of Feb or Early March.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Key Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be launched in three different sizes, one would be the Lite version, the second would be the Regular and the third would be the plus variant.

And like we have mentioned above in the article the screen would come with a hole punch that will how’s the camera, this type of design will make the screen like bezel-less.

The display would be 19:9 aspect ratio with 1440×3040 resolution.

Talking about the processor, both the regular and the plus version are going to be powered by the newest Snapdragon 855 chipset. Although the Lite version might be having a less powerful processor since it’s also going to be cheaper than the rest of the two variants.

Smartphones might come with starting space of 64GB going all the way till 512 GB like the one we have seen in Galaxy Note 9.

Although it will be no shock if Samsung decides to come up with 1TB of internal storage on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus since it’s the 10th anniversary of the flagship smartphone.

Will there be a Foldable Samsung Galaxy S10?

Samsung had given a glimpse of the foldable design on a smartphone, but it is very likely to be a separate series, although it could be launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10 for celebrating the 10th anniversary of their flagship device.

This is it, for now, we will be adding more information to this page regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10 as we get them, you may consider liking the Techtippr page on Facebook or Twitter for more tech updates.


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Free Alternative to Record and Edit Screencast Videos

If you are into creating tutorials of some kind and want to speed up your doing it, here is...

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