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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Launched : Find Price, Specs and Availability

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Samsung’s next version of their flagship is finally launched at an event in Barcelona. Though the unveiling video was leaked already, Samsung was able to put quite a show for their most important launch of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S9 looks familiar to the last year’s S8, this is because not much has changed from the outside but there are surely some great changes from the inside.

More Focus on the Camera

Right from the teasing of their event, Samsung had been putting emphasis on the Camera part of the phone. And now we have it in front of us.

The Camera department got some huge upgrades, with a dual lens setup on the Plus variant of Samsung Galaxy S9, and a dual camera aperture, which is apparently the first in a smartphone.

F1.5 would take great pictures in low light and F2.4 would be used in daylight conditions, this change would be either automatic in auto settings and the user can change it in pro mode.

Apart from the ability to change aperture, the camera also has got a slow-mo and super slow-mo with ability ot take a small video of 960fps.

AR Emoji: Samsung’s Answer to Apple’s Animoji

If Apple has done it, how can Samsung stay away from it? Apple had confessed it had put a lot of engineering into building their Anomoji, so Samsung does something similar and brings AR Emoji, which is much like the Anomoji but is more personalized and offers more.

The demo of AR Emoji looked quite cool, not sure how people are going to use it, but again, Apple had it, so it was mandatory for Samsung to have it.

Thankfully Samsung did not get carried away too much and has still kept the 3.5mm headphone hack. Thank You Samsung

AR in the Camera: Live Translations and much more

Talking of AR, the Camera no not only takes photos and selfies but offers more, like the live translations of languages, but wait, that’s already there in Google Translate, isn’t it?

It kind of is, but the AR would bring much more, like knowing the nutrition information of the food you point your camera to, and much more gimmicky stuff.

The Fingerprint Placement Correction

Last year Samsung Galaxy had one thing that got negative feedback, and that was the odd fingerprint placement.

Samsung has fixed it in Galaxy 9 by placing the fingerprint sensor just below the camera where it becomes much easier to operate because not everyone likes to use their face to unlock their phone.

Dolby Atmos on Stereo Speakers

Samsung also claims Galaxy 9 has the loudest stereo speakers in a Galaxy S series yet, the speakers have got Cinema like Dolby Atmos 3D sound for more immersive movie watching experience, which is also passed on when you use a headphone.

Again, thanks to Samsung for the headphone jack.


Talking about the specifications, since it’s the most precious phone Samsung produces every year, it has got to have to top specs available, which is the Snapdragon 845.

Both the variant have 18.5: 9 aspect ratio with, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has 5.8-inch screen size and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus having 6.2-inch screen size.

S9 has got 12MP Rear Camera whereas the S9 Plus has 12MP Dual Cameras for the optical zoom and blurred background effect.

Both the variants come in different storage options of 64GB/128Gb/256GB, with 4GB RAM on S9 and 6GB RAM on S9 Plus.

Rest of the specs look pretty much the same, there is a bit of difference in the battery capacity, 3000mAh on S9 and 3500mAh on S9 Plus.


Both the phones will be available from 12th March 2018. You can also preorder the phones from their website starting 2nd March.

About the pricing, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is priced at $720 and S9 Plus will be sold for $840.

I’ll be putting the links of other websites as they are available

So what features in Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are you excited the most about?


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