Some Crucial steps you can take to secure your Facebook and prevent any data theft

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Facebook is used by millions of people throughout the world we’re talking about one-third of the population here.

If you ever wondered how Facebook is able to maintain such a big website pay for it service and still enjoy billions of dollars in cash and stock.


“It is by selling your data to the advertisers if you didn’t know already.

Now, Facebook doesn’t really go and tell your name and address to the people who want to advertise something but it still gives a powerful tool that can let advertisers or anybody who wants to show something to a very specific audience.

And we all pretty much agree to eat when we signup with Facebook, because it aims to bring everyone closer isn’t it?

Well, looking at the recent discoveries about how analyst companies like Cambridge Analytica can access our data stored on Facebook servers.

The political campaign Cutler Cambridge analytical used the data stolen from Facebook to influence the Presidential elections of The United States of America.

And it is just one company that has come into LimeLight because of the data theft, the process Cambridge Analytica used to steal the data is conveniently available to all the developers who use Facebook to add functionalities to their own services.

If you want to know in depth about how the data leaks have influenced the elections you can read this article.

And if you want to secure yourself and stop these developers from using your data in any way then keep reading this article.

Stop logging into the untrustworthy websites using Facebook

From trustworthy websites, t0 smaller ones that offer personality quizzes, they all have this feature incorporated into their websites where you can use Facebook to log in, which saves a bit of your time when you don’t have to fill out all your information that is already available to Facebook.

One of many apps that are collecting my data via Facebook

But given these new Revelations about how your Facebook data can be treated, these developers might get access to much more than just your profile picture and email address.

So it is best to not use this feature on any of the website that you come across on the web, all the apps that ask you for your Facebook information in order to either created account or you give you a better experience.

Remove all the third party apps from Facebook

Now if you have already given permission to use your Facebook data to a couple of apps, you can easily remove access to individual apps by going to the settings area on Facebook.

Deny access permissions to Facebook on your mobile
Accessing hardware parts for the apps on the iPhone is strictly against the policy of Apple as they take data privacy to seriously.

Butt grabbing access to the hardware on Android Smartphones is pretty easy even though the newer versions of Android OS give users more control not everyone is aware of how the companies are going to use these access.

For example, you may want to disable the permissions to access contacts on your smartphone, or maybe your location as well if you don’t use check-in feature on Facebook.

A similar thing goes with other permissions such as permissions to use a microphone (there have been reports in the past that Facebook messenger listens to our conversations also, which was not proved but it’s better to keep it turned off if you don’t use voice services).

Whatever you post, like, share on Facebook can be accessed by everyone.
You might already be aware of this, but before doing anything on Facebook, keep in mind that all the things that you post on the Internet will remain there forever even if you delete it today it will be cashed at some part of the servers.

So, be hundred percent sure whatever you want to post publicly, even with the chemical profile picture protection features on Facebook if someone has to access your profile picture it is not a big deal for them.

It is your data and it is your responsibility to protect it you cannot trust any service centre 100%.

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