Terrarium TV App Shuts Down, A Few Terrarium TV Alternatives You can Try

On September 12, came across the news of Terrarium TV getting shut down, the app was an amazing source for watching TV shows online along with thousands of Movies ready to stream.

The reason for this sudden change is yet to be found, the developer seem have gotten into some other project and had decides to let it go.

Here’s a screenshot of the Notification.

It is advisable that you uninstall the app right away. Since it is potentially dangerous to keep an app on your smartphone whose developer has decided to ditch the app.

Plus, the app can send anything to you in the name of a new update.

I’ll be coming up with a list of Terrarium TV Alternatives you can try.

  • Showbox
  • MovieBox HD
  • PlayBox HD
  • Popcorn Time
  • Cartoon HD
  • CinemaBox HD
  • Kodi
  • MegaBox TV

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