In this article, we are going to see how we can view the notifications we have mistakenly deleted from the Notification panel. It’s a pretty common issue that everyone faces on their smartphones because it is so simple to clear it off by simply swiping it away. 

We all hate Notifications staying in the Notification panel, this is why we clear them off whenever we can.

But, sometimes, we find ourselves in the situation of clearing some important notification and not even knowing which app was it from.

Here is how to view the cleared notifications on Android

Long tap or Pinch zoom in on your Android mobile screen. Either of these gestures will let you add Widgets to the home screen.

Tap on Widgets, and then go look for ‘Settings shortcuts’ widget.

When you tap on it, you get to select the shortcut. Tap on ‘Notifications’ from the list and it will be added to your home screen.

Long press on the icon and place it anywhere if you keep the home screen organized.

You can view all the notifications by tapping this shortcut on your home screen.

This notification will maintain a log of all the notifications on your Android. If you are looking to view deleted messages from WhatsApp, this notification log won’t be of much help. You can try this method instead.


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