Watch IPL 2018 On Your Smartphones using Expulsive Data Plans by Jio, Airtel & BSNL

The IPL season is ON in India, and the cricket fever is Getting higher like every year.

One of the ways for Indian people to improve IPL matches is like streaming on their smartphones, it is great that people won’t have to stick to their TV sets anymore.

But watching matches on smartphones consumes a lot of data, this is where all the mobile operating services have come to rescue by offering exclusive data offers meant for the IPL season.

In this post, we are going to compare all the mobile data plans offered by mobile operators for watching the IPL matches.

Reliance Jio plans for IPL 2018

The Reliance Jio has launched a new IPL 2018 recharge pack for Rs 251 with 102 GB of bundle data which has the validity of 51 days, which is also that time till the IPL matches will be played.

The plan offers 2 GB of 40 data per day, after that the speed reduces to 128 kbps.

As per our testing 2 GB is quite sufficient for watching an online streaming for 2.5 hours.

You can watch the Live matches on the JioTV app which offers hundreds of TV Channels in its app including the Sports channels.

BSN recharge plans for IPL 2018

BSNL has also launched a new plan of Rs 248 which gives its subscribers 3 GB of data per day. The plan has a validity of 51 days.

The mobile data speed offered by BSNL is not much compared to Reliance jio, but it’s still a great plan for people who don’t own a 4G Smartphone, or there is no coverage of 4G in their area.

Also, the mobile data speed offered by BSNL on 3G is sufficient for streaming the IPL matches on smartphones. This mobile plan can only be avail before 30th of April.

Airtel offers the live stream of IPL matches via Airtel TV app

Instead of offering any new year plan, Airtel has opted to offer free live streaming of the IPL matches for its subscribers why it’s Airtel TV app.

The content will be available to both prepaid and postpaid users and the mobile data consumed will be deducted from subscribers existing mobile data plan.

Apart from this, Airtel has also launched a new mobile data plan of Rs 499, where it provides 2 GB of data per day for the next 82 days, the benefits also include unlimited local and STD calls as well as free roaming and hundred SMS per day.

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