Why Should You Hold On to Upgrading to iOS 10 for a few days

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So the public beta of iOS 10 is now available, and the features seem quite nice. But we recommend you read this before you pull the trigger. iOS 10 has been bricking some of the devices.

I am attaching the tweets and posts made by iOS iPhone users who bricked their devices by upgrading to the public beta of iOS 10.

Upgrading to iOS Means there is a high chance you will have to make a tweet like this.

A Bricked iPhone is not scary enough, not having a backup is the nightmare you can save yourself from by avoiding this public beta release.


iPad pro, which is a damn expensive device, and was launched just last year, couldn’t take the iOS 10 Upgrade.

It’s a public beta, which means it is safe to download but Apple doesn’t promise it to be flawless. The very reason it is called beta is to catch those minor bugs

But sometimes even bigger bugs like these can happen. So, better wait for the stable version.

If you brick your iPhone, you need to connect it to the latest iTunes on your Computer (99% of the people have to update their iTunes version just because of it) and Update ( not restore) to the iOS10 again.


But sometimes even that can’t happen, causing a forced trip to the Apple Store and submit your phone for a few days.

I gave them my Macbook Air, they returned it with few scratches. So I hate this. 

In case you have already bricked your phone, you are in good company. :-)

Anyway, I am sure apple must have already started working on a quick update to fix this issue. So, you might want to ‘hold off’ on that for a few more dats.

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