10 Apps You Should Install on Your Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

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Windows 10 is the best OS from Microsoft after the Windows 8 disaster. Windows 10 picked the best things from Windows 8 and created an OS loved by everyone. Because it has a Start button now and looks pretty much likes the OS every Windows users is accustomed to.

Windows 10 can run Metro/Modern Apps in a Desktop Environment (some are even Universal Windows 10 apps, meaning they are also available on Windows Mobile), which means they are actually useful on Desktop PCs as well. So start installing these must-have apps.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox as a cloud service where can keep your important documents photos and other stuff saved, it is useful because in any case if you lose access to your Windows PC you will still be able to have them backed up in the cloud. Even though Microsoft has its own cloud storage service called OneDrive, Dropbox is a multi-platform service which means you can access it from other platforms such as Android or iOS.

Download from Microsoft Store

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is quite a useful language learning app, and it is now available on Windows. The app provides an easy interface which makes it fun to learn a foreign language, you can hear how the words are pronounced Indian catheter typing translation in small. The app is free to use.

Download from Microsoft Store

3. PDF Reader

If you work requires viewing a couple of PDF files on your device then PDF reader can be useful in opening a PDF file in a nice clean interface.

Download from Microsoft Store

4. Fresh paint

French paint is a kind of the Pain app on steroids. It gives you so many options for Digital drawing. You can create sounds stunning sketches using this free app. The app also offers in-app purchases in the form of a variety of artistic packs that can range from $1 to $3. The app is very fun to play.

Download from Microsoft Store

5. Adobe Photoshop Elements

It is probably one of the best image editing app available for Window. It’s the only image editing app you will need on your Windows device.

It’s unique features, such as automated image editing, auto-organization of photos based on different criteria are worth paying the heavy price tag of $99.

Download from Microsoft Store ($99.99)

6. Skype for Windows

Skype for Windows is quite a Lite app, if you use Skype services on a regular basis then consider installing via the Microsoft store so that you can keep getting consistent updates.

Download from Microsoft Store

7. Teamviewer

TeamViewer is quite an amazing piece of software that lets you connect to other people’s computer so that you can troubleshoot them. It’s quite useful when you have to troubleshoot your relatives’ PC.

Having it installed via the Windows store would ensure that you can get updates for this app since the connection usually requires users at the both and to run the latest version of TeamViewer.

Download from Microsoft Store

8. Plex

Plex lets you stream media across devices. It is a great way to get your content on the big screen at home.

Plex also makes your media look beautiful with rich descriptions, artwork, and other related information. With an optional premium Plex Pass subscription, you can even sync videos, music, and photos to your smartphones and tablets to enjoy while offline.

Download from Microsoft Store

9 Movie Edit Pro Plus

The Moviemaker in Windows is quite basic with Limited features, if you want to edit videos, even if it is for your family home videos, then Movie Edit Pro Plus for windows will give you more options so that you can create better videos faster.

It offers 5x faster performance and makes your next film project a reality with Movie Edit Pro Plus Windows Store Edition

Download from Microsoft Store ($89.99)

10 Duplicates Cleaner

Our Smart devices start getting piled up with a lot of junk files with time, and the more junk we have the more we procrastinate, so this app will make it a little easier for you to stay organized by letting you deleted duplicate files on your PC.

You will be able to solve your PCs heating and other performance related issues.

Download from Microsoft Store

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